Spike False Lashes # spice Review : a must have!!

I was inspired to get some lashes like these by Holly Ann Aeree and I just love them, they can work with any eye look you do, they can be dramatic, but definitely in a very flattering way :) You can wear these on neutral shadows, it does not have to be a smokey eye, and they ALWAYS look great. I'm still planning to do a video in which I explain my tricks on how to work with false lashes. Because I filmed it twice and I am just not convinced with the quality. :(

I bought these lashes on ebay, are a bit pricier than what I usually spend on falsies [even though I have a pair of Ardell ones - but I have never used them - I'll show them to you in a separate post]. BUT these are definitely worth the money, you get 10 for £6.18 [excl. shipping] and I'm telling you - these are of very high quality. The only thing that could be better is having a clear strips, because I find clear strips more natural looking. You can buy these from HERE.

I bet you want to see how they look on :) 

no flash used - even w/ a ton of glitter - you can still see my falsies :D

no flash used..

no flash used

as you can see they look pretty good :) not glossy or anything :)

again, no flash used

I used them on my photoshoot here, and flash was used, as you can see, my lashes are still not washed out.

I'm telling you guys, if you're going to buy one type of falsies - buy this set. I wouldn't wear this for daytime, I don't exactly live in NYC so I'd look a bit overdone here in Malta hahaha.. but I wore these on my photoshoot, on New Years Eve, family dinner, girls night out, for clubbing and what else... Yup, so they're very versatile and dare I say it, it's a  MUST HAVE to all falsies-lovers and your collection will cherish these. :) If you know of any cheap lashes that compare to these, or something like them with a clear strip, please do tell me :)

FTC Disclaimer: Not affiliated with the ebay seller or any other company :) Not getting paid for this post nor am I getting any benefit off future purchases. Everything I said is my personal opinion :) And opinions vary, you may not like these. But I love them.


  1. Those lashes look great! I am envious of people who can wear them.

  2. your eyes look great! good job you did there!

  3. The lashes look so nice and you're gorgeous!

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  4. Love the eye makeup!



  5. Amamzing lashes! They look great!

    The Flower Girl


  6. Wow these lashes look great!


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