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So following the other post I have done DARE TO BARE CHALLENGE, I got so much response, I figured I'd post some more make up free posts. A lot of people say we "hide" underneath kilos of make up. To me, it's more of embracing your natural beauty and highlighting that. It also means hiding those natural flaws we all have. I feel confident with make up on because it's an expression of who I am, just like I love my long hair. It's part of "me" and I love to play around with whatever look I want to produce. But I also embrace my flaws and redness and all that, because that's a part of "me". You have got to be confident in your own skin in order to feel complete. Oh well, enjoy my make up free photos :D

PS - READ MY LAST NOTE, It will only make you feel better, promise <3


you can see my dark circles here haha..oh and sorry for not looking at the camera, just making sure the bloody cam will focus haha

this is another photo I took on another day, and the rest of my hair was clipped at the back, my top layers are this short though :D

and I encourage all of you to embrace yourselves with all the flaws, because that's a part of who you are. I also know a lot of people who struggle with being overweight or wanting to lose a few pounds. From my point of view, I weigh 46 kilos and my BMI is 19, which may be a lot of people's wish, but to me, it honestly is not very attractive. People call you names regardless, if you're at a "skinny" weight, people will call you "bony" and all sorts of names. Trust me, them haters will STILL call you names and all that. So whatever you do, do it for your own sake.And let them to keep on hating, and you do your own thing and just be you, because that's the best you can ever be xxx

I tag everyone of you reading this to do this !!! xxxx

Have an awesooome Sunday guys xxx
You inspire me so much hunnies :):)
I love reading every single comment :D xx

Dyna  xxxx


  1. Totally agree with you! It's doesn't matter how you look, people will still say negative things. The most important thing is to be happy and accept the way we are! x

  2. Urgh.. I hate dark eye circles. If only mine will go away! Your lips are naturally very nice though. Like the colour =)

    Btw, my BMI is 15.8++. Now that sounds kinda scary LOL (but don't worry. I'm not anorexic, just low bone density) But I've been called fat before. My ex bf even asked me to lose weight but I have naturally big hip BONES. I swear there's not much fat there. You can FEEL the bone! I think there's less than 1 cm of flesh.

    If you're thin, you're anorexic.
    If you're average, you're not healthy cos you don't have muscles.
    If you're muscular, you're too masculine and you look like a tranny.
    If you're overweight, you're fat and ugly.
    So.. Just stop listening to people.. They'll always have something to say.

    P.S. I dumped that guy for a better one =D

  3. couldn't have said it better myself Isabel :) and good for you on leaving that guy, he sure as hell doesn't deserve you, we are all beautiful in our own ways, if he couldn't love your natural beauty, then he sure as hell doesn't deserve you <3


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