TUTORIAL: How to put on false lashes [with youtube video!!]

Here is the requested video on how I put on my false lashes, Please comment and subscribe for more videos :D I love that I have so many people supporting me and I'm glad to help. Keep the requests coming guys <3

The video is now LIVE, just click on the picture below for direct link  :D

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This is what I used:

Cross lashes:

Duo Lash glue:

Avon supershock mascara:

False Eyelash Applicator
Fan brush

FTC Disclaimer: I have purchased ALL of the products myself for my personal use. NO ONE is paying me to do this tutorial. I don't own any music whatsoever playing in this video.

This was a requested video on how I put on my falsies, hope you somehow found it helpful xx


  1. WOW! Thanks for that :) I'll definitely try falsies soon, I'll let you know how it goes :) Thanks hun *hug*

  2. awesome Carla :D Do let me know how you get along with falsies :D xxx


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