UPLOADING!!!!!! How to put on your false lashes video on youtube !!

Hello guys, I was requested by Christine, a very sweet girl here on blogger from Make Up Beauty and Fashion a long time ago to make a video on how I put on my falsies, I recorded it literally 3 different times - on 4 different occasions and I was not happy with the way it recorded the first three times, the third time it was good enough for me to demonstrate how I do it :):)

Here's a sneak peek ^.^

I will post a link as soon as it has updated and processed.

I'm open to any requests for my youtube and blogger account, I started this blog to help and get help on beauty related matter so I am very glad to be helpful to my followers and subscribers <3
So keep the requests coming and I'll do my best to do them :)
I also would like to know whether you prefer videos or blog posts, generally speaking, it's something interesting to find out :)


  1. I do like both videos and blogposts it would be interesting to keep a mix of both. Dyna I need help with taking falsies off. Lol I've never used false lashes before, but I'd love to try them out, the thought of taking them off scares me though it looks scary like all your lashes would fall off of something.

  2. hey Carla, no don't you worry, if you use the duo lash glue, you will not have any problems with that. Trsut me I have tried the art deco permanent lash glue and it was scaryyyy. It was hurting my eyes, making them teary and at one point the strip just wouldn't come off :S

    But with the duo lash glue, all you need to do is grab your favourite make up remover on a cotton pad and place it against your eye for a couple of seconds. If you gently pull the cotton pad down, the falsies should come right off. The duo lash glue is made out of rubber, so it has a rubbery texture obviously, which is so gentle on the eyes. It breaks with any make up remover, even non oily ones. With teh duo lash glue, I sometimes reuse my lashes, because they remain in perfect condition. I'll try to film the removal next time I'll put them on. It is really easy though, trust me. But I only trust the duo lash glue with my falsies. That thing was used on Kim Kardashian on a youtube video, so it HAS to be good. haha.

    And btw - I used falsies on my mum the other day, and she is very skeptical with things on her eyes, but the removal did not scare her one bit. Easy peasy :D

  3. Love your blog. Now following. Love these photos. So much inspiration and great tips.

    Check out my blog if you've got time and feel like it. It would mean a lot. I've just started.
    Karoline Kalvo

  4. Ah just in time! My mother needs help in how to do hers for a big night out but I wont be anywhere near her before then to show her. I'll send her to watch the video! :)

  5. I'm glad I can be of help enigma <3 and thank you for supporting me hunny xxxx

  6. Hey Dyna,

    I was just wondering, if you have any advice on putting falsies on?
    I've tried using them and my eyes always seem to screw up? One eye either goes double lid (im a monolid) or it goes monolid but larger? - if that makes any sense, and my other eye stays the same.. please help?


  7. Hi Jen, I think your problem is that you don't drag the lashes close to your lash line as possible :) so when they're on and the glue is stik tacky try to press them together..

    Make sure you cut off some of the strip off at the longest side to fit your eye.. because that might be an issue too :)


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