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HAUL: Ardell Demi Lashes #102 - natural

I got these a long while ago, but never done a post or anything about these,  and I have not yet used them,  but aren't they pretty to look at ?? Or am I just freaky? Well, who cares... I love the clear strip... but I have not yet had that occasion to take these out so .. I'm sticking to my ebay falsies..  which are really good btw.. But you know.. every now and then we deserve a good ol' treat :D
FTC DISCLAIMER: I am not paid to do this post. I bought the product myself for my personal use unless otherwise stated and I am not affiliated with any company. Everything I said in this post is my genuine honest opinion :)

DUPE ALERT #5!!! Revlon Pink Pop ELF Perfect Pink lipglosses !!

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipgloss in Pink Pop, ELF luscious liquid lipstick in perfect pink
This is a close match don't you think??  The texture is very similar, only the ELF liquid lipstick in perfect pink is a little thicker in texture and a little paler and milky The Revlon Super Lustrous Lipgloss in Pink Pop is also a bit brighter and a little cooler in undertone I would rate it a 90% dupe!
I got the Revlon gloss for €10.50, so that makes it 6x more expensive than the ELF one. Way to go Elves!!!

FTC DISCLAIMER: I am not paid to do this post. I bought the product myself for my personal use unless otherwise stated and I am not affiliated with any company. Everything I said in this post is my genuine honest opinion :)

REVIEW: ELF studio line contour brush !!

I am trying to finish all the reviews I have to do as much as I can, since I have bought so many products and I have used them for quite a while, yet haven't found the time to fully review them...
So here is the review for one of my newly favourite products from the ELF range, The ELF studio line contour brush !! [*Drum rolls*]

I adore this brush!! Why??  A. This is soo soft B. Professional looking brush and handle C. Has just the right density 
What do I use it for? A. My favourite use for this brush is a pencil brush since it has a tapered top B. I love it for the crease too, picks up just the right product C. To smudge some eyeshadow on the lower lashline
Does this compare to other ELF brushes?? ELF regular line blending brush :  no not at all. This blends eyeshadow rather than applies it ELF regular line crease brush: No, I initially thought that before purchasing, but this is smaller and more coarse. This is less professional looking too

BOTTOM LINE I LOVE this brush, just adore it !!! Do I r…

EYEKO fat balm in cherry [review with swatches!!]

And YES! Another review..  So allow me to start without the usual boring random rambles...

THE PACKAGING similar to the all over cover sticks but not as cheap looking Pretty sleek and handy.
Forgot to upload a photo of the packaging, will do so real soon :) Did I mention I adoooore the Eyeko logo??
THE FORMULA Not too creamy,  Not too stiff Easy to apply both on the cheek and on the lip Just right :D
THE PERFORMANCE  Easy to apply,  Nothing to complain about here
THE SHADE It's a deep berry red shade No shimmer No frost Not too keen on the shade.. But that's just me
LASTING POWER Pretty good,  it leaves a stain on my hand, like a tint to it which is brilliant
BOTTOM LINE I tested it out on my hand, didn't even dare apply it to my lips since I'm not a red lip girl, and especially not a red cheek girl haha xD Even though I don't use it , but it would be great if they had a shade I would really like. Like a shimmerless coral shade or a rosy pink shade
FTC Disclaimer: I got this free on a g…

MAYBELLINE define-a-line eyeliner in ebony [review with swatches!!]

Hello guys,  I'm back with another review :D woohooo
So I have had this liner for a while and I almost finished it. Oh ok. I have had this for a LONG while. and I know what you're thinking -  It's about time you make the review!!
Oh well. Onto the review:
THE PACKAGING Twist up -awesome! Comes with a sponge brush attached - awesome! Pretty basic, and easy to carry in your make up bag
LASTING POWER Err. Here is the meh part. The lasting power is horrible. It creases, smudges, non waterproof. Setting it with eyeshadow does help, but not too much.
PIGMENTATION Buildable, but not an intense black. I like my black shades, the blackest of the blacks.. intense, extreme, carbon black. You get it.
PERFORMANCE Pretty creamy and easy to apply  Love to use this with smokey eyes
BOTTOM LINE When I bought it I got two of these.  So the first one finished and I probably will try using up the 2nd two.  But honestly. I don't think it's a repurchase.  Especially because Maybelline is NOT against animal te…

ELF studio concealer pencil and brush [review with swatches!!] [photo heavy]

I am sooooooooo excited to tell you about this awesome awesome product!!!!! If this were to be featured in an ad...they would say something like..
"Do you hate it when that dreadful pimple comes along and ruins your whole look?  Not to worry - because here comes the magic concealer pencil from ELF cosmetics..  and it even comes with a free brush too!!!" *annoying voice* you get the point. haha. Now on to the review..
This is HANDS DOWN the most full coverage concealer from ELF and I'm sooo glad I got this. There are some things you guys should know though.  When this thing comes along..  The sharpener side comes on the pencil and the cap comes on the brush. SWAP THEM. Why? to prevent the concealer pen from getting dry since air can get through the sharpener.

THE SHARPENER I tried the sharpener.. Not that it's the best sharpener ever, but you know.. it's free and works just fine, especially on the go. 
THE BRUSH This was such a huuuge surprise to me.  I was expecting a cheap …

Constance Carroll Liquid Liner [review with swatches!!!]

I have used this in a previous LOTD which you guys really seemed to like [you can check it out HERE]
I have finished like 3 of these, and this was my real first ever liquid liner. I used to apply this to my waterline. Bad girl *slaps hand*.  Why am I being so hard on myself? And yes I HAD to learn this the hard way.. Liner on the bottom lash line makes your eyes droopy.  And now I have a ton of teenage photos  [well, technically speaking I'm still a teenager. Because I'm 19] but I have a ton of teenage photographic memories with droopy eyes. AWESOME!
Oh well, I'll live.. haha Back to the review..
So yeah. I have used 3 bottles of this product so I know what I'm talking about here.  *pompous attitude* -not really just kidding haha xD

THE PACKAGING Pretty standard. The tip is awesome, really skinny But by time the packaging's print wears off.

THE FORMULA A bit too runny.  It is a little too hard to make a winged liner. Takes aaaages to dry.

THE PERFORMANCE Not smudgeproof Waterproof - i…

ELF Blush And Bronzer Compact [review with swatches!!!]

Hello guys, sorry for slacking off on reviews.. but I have been planning a whole lot of them lately. And I'm going to start with the following
So this one is raved about by Emily Noel and a ton other bloggers. I am very sorry to say that I disagree. I bought it thinking it would be great for my make up bag. I couldn't have been any more wrong.
This is probably the most product with a versatile name from ELF.
It is called Blush and Bronzer compact on the site.
It is named Contouring Blush and Bronzing Powder on the packaging.
I have read people calling it Blushed and Bronzed compact
And I personally call it Blush and Bronzer duo haha :D

THE BLUSH The blush barely shows up on my medium skin tone.  Just glitter and a very very slight tint.  Oh and about the gold glitter. It is not really subtle. But not really chunks of glitter either.  The texture is good, nothing special, just right though. I know they say this compares to Nars blush in Orgasm or whatever.  Hunny - Nars  bette…

Barry M Nail Effects Complete Set of 4 Giveaway

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DUPE ALERT#4 !! Barry M lip paint in peach vs NYX slim lip pencil in coral

NYX slim lip pencil in coral
Barry M lip paint in peach

texture: lipstick vs lip pencil
both completely matte
peach is a little more orangey,
coral is more pink and a tad brighter
peach can be patted on with finger and blends too a peachier lip - but is not blended in photos

See photos for swatches :D

Thank you ever so much for supporting me guys, Follow me for more beauty related posts :D

FTC DISCLAIMER: I am not paid to do this post. I bought the product myself for my personal use unless otherwise stated and I am not affiliated with any company. Everything I said in this review is my genuine honest opinion :)

REVIEW!! ELF studio stipple brush [vs ELF powder brush!!]

Hello guys, I have been requested to do this review on this stippling  brush many times so I had to speed things up with this one. Anyways.. Nuff said. Onto the review :D

Sooo.. THE BRUSH Taklon Brush. Very soft. Not dense. White bristles stain easily [as expected]. No shedding. The brush was a bit squashed in the packaging it came with as it is not dense at all so can easily be somewhat deformed if stored unproperly. Outside the packaging it eventually grew out of its deformation. The diameter is smaller than the powder brush, it fits my small cheeks perfectly.

Quite sleek looking. But not as wide as the powder brush [REVIEW HERE] [quite expected as I heard it is much smaller than the traditional brush on a couple of reviews beforehand] 

[1] To apply highlight:  Very good. But it tends to really make the powder highlight quite powdery in the pan. But applies brilliantly. I used it with ELF bronzing powder in luminance [REVIEW HERE]. I prefer using the tapered top…

Nail polish DUPE #3!!: Chanel Paradoxal vs Barry M Dusky Mauve !!!!

I don't own it, but you can see Chanel Paradoxal nail polish  HERE. My lips but better reaffirms the dupe HERE. and below is the nail polish on my nails :D

This is such a gorgeous shade. Like seriously - sooo pretty. It is a mushroomish shade with a purple sheen to it. Soo pretty :D My photos probably won't pick the colour up but you can get the hint :D

FTC DISCLAIMER: I got this free on a giveaway but as always, my opinions are always a 100% honest. *promise*

NYX BLUSHES: Cream vs Powder [w// swatches!!] and make up looks :D

I have had these blushes for quite a while. I thought NYX cream blush in orange would be exactly like the NYX powder blush in cinnamon. Not so much. As you can clearly see from the swatches they are quite different.
Apart from the shades... I find a difference between cream blushes and powder blushes.  CREAM: longer staying power POWDER: easier to blend and apply

I'm going to let the photos do the talking now :D

For NYX powder blushes full review and swatches CLICK HERE
For NYX cream blushes full review and swatches CLICK HERE

Side Note: all swatches were not paired with any other product.

You can buy nyx products from ,,, ULTA[US] or ebay sellers.

Have you heard about nyx? Have you tried any of their products? Any favourite products you'd recommend to this make up junkie? :):) Comment Below :)

FTC DISCLAIMER: I am not paid to do this review. I bought the product myself for my personal use and I am not affiliated with any co…