COLLECTIVE HAUL !! *lippie wonderland*

I have a haul today yay :D

I adore lip products I just love them soo much .. they're like my babies.

You know when you find out that you're a lipstick addict?
When you have that one lipstick you would never wear in public.
And when someone asks you "So why don't you throw it away or give it away?"
And you're like - "WHAT?! Would you do that to your own baby?!!"

*Hello I'm Dyna and I'm a lippie addict.*
On to the actual purpose of this post.

I got some stuff from blog sales. And I had a Revlon lipgloss phase. I NEEDED to get them. I just NEEDED them *greedy look*. So I got them even though they're ridiculously priced here in Malta compared to the US prices. Yup I'm jealous. ahahaha. But I'm still sane, kind of ;)

I got two of the Revlon Color Show Off Lipsticks in : 
020 Shake Up Pink
110 Pink Gossip
I got these from a blog sale :D

I got two Wet n Wild Lipstick Mega Last Lip Color in :
902C Bare It All
907C Mauve Outta Here
[OMG I was seriously lusting over these for ages ever since She Walks in Beauty raved about the one in Think Pink, so as soon as I saw them on a blog sale I snatched them :D These are not available online or in shops here in Malta and if anyone knows how I can get my hands on these I would REALLY REALLY appreciate it guys, there are three shades I just can't live without so I appreciate any help :D]

I also got the NYX round lipgloss in doll pink - I already have another 4 shades of the nyx round lipgloss, I just snatched it as soon as I saw it on a blog sale.

Another thing I got on a blog sale was the Barry M lip paint in peach in lp 054. I've been eying these for a while but Barry M's shipping is £10 to Europe, no kidding. So yup, this is more of an orange rather than a peach but I'll talk about it in a future post. Yup another thing to add to my TO-DO list ahahha. But I don't mind.

The last two products I got were the Revlon Super Lustrous Lipglosses in:
Pink Pop 
Coral Reef
 :D Yup I managed to get my hands on them :D

Thank you guys for your response to my question I asked yesterday :) It seems like I'm doing both, but I'm starting with the dupes post :D I don't have high end products, but some shades are not available in Europe or in your country so you might find a similar product more accessible to you, or perhaps you can swatch it and see if it fits your liking and then get the product online or something. I don't know, I find dupe posts really helpful so I'm glad to be at your service :D

Also, again, and I'm begging here, if you do know some way I can get wet n wild lippies please do tell me. I've looked on ebay the 3 shades I want are not available. I'm desperate here.

I'm thinking about doing a blog sale, I have a couple of NEW products and some slightly used, or just swatched, so if you're interested let me know so i can put it up as soon as I can.

"Ok Dyna - shut up now."
Till the next post, See ya xD

FTC DISCLAIMER: I am not paid to do this post. I bought the products myself for my personal use unless stated otherwise and I am not affiliated with any company. Everything I said in this post is my genuine honest opinion :)



  1. Revlon super lustrous in coral reef I wannttt!!!!

  2. i want them all. so amazing. thanks for posting love.

    Don't forget to swing by Fash Blvd to check out my new post. xoxo

  3. Oooh a blog sale woud be cool, what a good idea :D

  4. Great haul!! The colors are gorgeous!

  5. I love that Rimmel lipstick in Shake Up pink!!



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