Constance Carroll Liquid Liner [review with swatches!!!]

I have used this in a previous LOTD which you guys really seemed to like [you can check it out HERE]

I have finished like 3 of these, and this was my real first ever liquid liner. I used to apply this to my waterline. Bad girl *slaps hand*. 
Why am I being so hard on myself?
And yes I HAD to learn this the hard way..
Liner on the bottom lash line makes your eyes droopy. 
And now I have a ton of teenage photos 
[well, technically speaking I'm still a teenager. Because I'm 19]
but I have a ton of teenage photographic memories with droopy eyes.

Oh well, I'll live.. haha
Back to the review..

So yeah. I have used 3 bottles of this product so I know what I'm talking about here.
 *pompous attitude*
-not really just kidding haha xD

Pretty standard.
The tip is awesome, really skinny
But by time the packaging's print wears off.

Constance Carroll Liquid Eyeliner in Ebony Black
Constance Carroll Liquid Eyeliner in Ebony Black
Constance Carroll Liquid Eyeliner in Ebony Black

A bit too runny. 
It is a little too hard to make a winged liner.
Takes aaaages to dry.

Not smudgeproof
Waterproof - if you don't dare touch it when wet.

 Really really black. 
The blackest liner I have. 
Nothing to complain about here.

It wears off eventually... cracks up and flakes off.

I love the blackness of this thing. 
This is the blackest eyeliner ever. 
It's like an ultra deepest darkest black.
So even though the texture is not exactly brilliant I love to use this over other liners to blacken them up.. like I did below :

Click photo for full products for this make up look xD

FTC DISCLAIMER: I am not paid to do this post. I bought the product myself for my personal use unless otherwise stated and I am not affiliated with any company. Everything I said in this review is my genuine honest opinion :)  


  1. Your eyes look great! I wish I could learn how to apply eyeliner like that!


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