ELF MISS* products!! : REGULAR LINE #2

These are MISS products I got from the ELF regular line. By *Miss* I mean products that I desperately tried to make them work but were just a plain waste of money since they ended up abandoned in my make up drawer. These are all the products I would not suggest. Obviously what works for me doesn't necessarily mean what works for you and vice versa.

I have more posts coming including the HIT products and MEH products, but I'll talk about them in seperate posts. I am going to place every single item that I bought from ELF in a post, whether it is a hit, a miss, or a meh.


Essential / Regular Line:

Shimmering facial whip in spotlight

This was included in my very first order, and I at first have liked it. As I tried more highlight products, I realised I'm more into powder highlights. This is very watery. Very liquidy and over the place. It also seperates by time. Save your money and buy the ELF healthy glow brozing powder in luminance.

All over color stick in spotlight

A very cakey creamy highlight. This is nowhere near the nyx jumbo eye pencil in Milk. The latter is brilliant and very much treasured, the ELF spotlight is abandoned.

All over cover stick in pink lemonade

A very yucky frosty corally pink. Coral pink. That sounds good. What's the problem? The formulation, the cakeness, the frost. And the frost is nothing like the MAC msf. Nothing. Save your money

Tone correcting concealer

There is no coverage with this concealer. The smell, I like. But the actual product is a plain no to me.

Clarifying compressed powder in honey

A little orange, but I don't mind if you sheer it out on the skin. Then what's the problem? I tell you what's the problem. This broke my neck out. Yes I used it on my neck one time, because I forgot to apply foundation and this broke me out. RASH. Icky yucky rash, which left me with red patches all over. And we all know – that just doesn't look good.

Nourishing cuticle pen

Doesn't do anything. Plain and Simple.

Nail polish in white

I like ELF nail polishes, but this white one, is not so white. I want tippex white. This one is more of a cream and requires more coats.

Eyeliner brush

I desperately tried to save you, but you're a waste of my money. Too thick. Too weird. Absorbs product, Doesn't apply it. HORRIBLE

FTC DISCLAIMER: I am not paid to do this post. I bought the products myself for my personal use and I am not affiliated with any company. Everything I said in this post is my genuine honest opinion :)


  1. I agree with you 100% I probably tried every single product from ELF (including the studio line)

    How do you feel about their HD translucent setting powder?

    Check out my blog, new review up on the Temptu Airbrushing System!



  2. It does the same thing to me Dyna, at first I thought that I was using too much, but it really does make me look ashy! (especially in photos)

  3. The tone correcting concealer is awful indeed :/ x


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