ELF Blush And Bronzer Compact [review with swatches!!!]

Hello guys, sorry for slacking off on reviews.. but I have been planning a whole lot of them lately. And I'm going to start with the following

So this one is raved about by Emily Noel and a ton other bloggers. I am very sorry to say that I disagree. I bought it thinking it would be great for my make up bag. I couldn't have been any more wrong.

This is probably the most product with a versatile name from ELF.
It is called Blush and Bronzer compact on the site.
It is named Contouring Blush and Bronzing Powder on the packaging.
I have read people calling it Blushed and Bronzed compact
And I personally call it Blush and Bronzer duo haha :D

ELF studio contouring blush and bronzing powder

ELF studio Blush and Bronzer Compact

ELF studio line blushed and bronzed compact

ELF studio blush and bronzer duo swatches

ELF studio blush and bronzer swatches

The blush barely shows up on my medium skin tone.
 Just glitter and a very very slight tint. 
Oh and about the gold glitter. It is not really subtle. But not really chunks of glitter either. 
The texture is good, nothing special, just right though.
I know they say this compares to Nars blush in Orgasm or whatever. 
Hunny - Nars  better do better than this. But I don't have it so I can't tell

I thought the shade was going to be perfect for my warm complexion since it looks golden in the pan.
This was a huge disappointment to me - like too much
It is wayy too powdery for a bronzer.
It is chalky and HARD to blend
The subtle gold glitter doesn't transfer on my face.
Bloggers also compares this to Nars bronzer in Laguna .. but uhm.. how can I put this. 
I don't have it .. but honestly.. I don't think so. But again - I don't have it. So can't tell

This is just wrong.
The blush may be appropriate for people with fair skintones because you can't over do this. 
Unless you hate glitter. 
The bronzer is wayyyyyyy too pigmented though for fair skintones. 
Even for medium skintones it is not appropriate. Let alone fair skintones.
And you have to keep in mind I adore the ELF studio cool bronzer [review here]. It's my favourite bronzer and it is very "dark" so to speak .. so coming from me.. it really is not the best bronzer..

I'm thinking about  throwing away the actual product and use this as a duo for my all over cover sticks in light beige and honey [review here] because I just adore the packaging of the studio line.. just pretty and sleek looking. But I'm kind of bummed to throw away £3.50 of product. I'll probably end up doing it anyway though haha. At least I'd get something good out of it.

You can buy these  :

FTC DISCLAIMER: I am not paid to do this review. I bought the product myself for my personal use and I am not affiliated with any company. Everything I said in this review is my genuine honest opinion :)


  1. I love this review! Super honest and to the point- great style! I agree with you, I threw mine directly in the bin I hated it so much.

  2. I have to try ELF. I haven't tried this brand yet

  3. thank you amalia j xD
    glad I'm not the only one haha xD

    you'll love it trust me. But do check out reviews beforehand, because like in every company not all is 100% great you know..

  4. I really like the bronzer for contouring, but not a big fan of the 'blush' it's to glittery for me.

  5. i have been wanting to try this for so long now. I have Orgasm by Nars and its one of my favorite blushes, its super gorgeous :)

  6. Aww I'm sorry this didn't work for you. While it's not my favourite of their line I didn't hate it & I can still use it. At least it wasn't a huge hit to your wallet :)

  7. I really like elf a lot but i do agree that a lot of their powder products are kind of chalky... but hey theyre like $3 so I shouldn't expect much more haha! What do you think about all the glitter in the blushes? I'm kind of on the fence about that aspect.

  8. Thank you guys, I love to see things in other's perspective.

    Vanessa, to be honest I don't like glitter in my blushes unless it's subtle. :) So I'm not over the top keen on it. But if it had some sort of pigment to it I wouldn't mind that much.. :)

  9. I have a light skintone, rather than fair, and when I use foundation, I can use both the blush with the color showing up, and the bronzer (the shimmer does show up when I use it!) without it looking unnatural :) I only use a little bit, and I go over it with a brush afterwards to remove some of the shimmers, but I quite like it :)

  10. Oh good to know.. I personally still dislike it.. but it might work for lighter skin tones, of course :) glad it worked for you :)


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