ELF HIT* & MISS* products!! : STUDIO LINE #5


These are a HIT products for me. Not necessarily my Favourite Products.. I can narrow it further down for my favourites. But these were a HIT .

What do I mean by HIT products? The products that I love to use, products I use daily, others I use for the weekend. It is a list about products I was very happy with and find myself reaching for quite often.

[1] Cream eyeliner in black

Probably ELF's best liner ever. Lasting power is amazing. Smudgeproof. Waterproof and Smudge Resistant while wet.

[2] Eyebrow kit in medium

Love this!! Can be applied sheer or more pigmented. Lasting power is amazing. If you have sparse lashes wax products will not work for you though.

[3] Lip lock pencil*

Awesome!! Makes sure my lipstick sticks to where it should all day and night. Applies clear but does wonders. I use this just outside my natural line line.

[4] Studio blush in gotta glow

very pretty golden- white highlight. I do prefer the healthy glow bronzing powder in luminance for during the day though

[5] Complexion perfection

awesome setting powder. Absorbs oils and lasts all day. I hit pan.

[6] Make up mist and set

I use this every single day and I find it makes my make up resistant to smudging :D awesome.

[7] Translucent matte powder

I apply this on my T-zone and it absorbs any oil and work brilliantly as a setting powder on oily faces.

[8] Warm bronzer

The most suitable bronzer for all skintones. Even though it has golden shimmer, it gives you a glow to your face. :D I smashed mine – yup dropped it and it broke. Shame, however, I still reach for it :D

[9] Cool bronzer

I love this bronzer to contour. It is matte and I find this works better than the warm bronzer for me. I still have to use a light hand and have to make more effort in blending. I would appreciate it if it were a bit more golden. Not recommended for light skintones.

[10] Blush brush

My favourite blush / highlight brush. Very easy to work with. Doen't over blush and it is perfect for my small cheeks. It has a tapered top so you can use the same brush for highlight. I also used this for bronzer this one time, it worked pretty good.

[11] Powder brush

I have two brushes. I use one for my tinted moisturiser or for my foundation. It also blends out my concealer really well. I love the flawless finish it gives me :D
The second one* I use for my bronzer. It works brilliantly for that too :D

[12] Eyeshadow c brush

This is a more dense version of the eyeshadow brush. It works brilliantly to pack on colour for smokey eyes. It is slightly smaller too, in terms of brush length. The handle is longer than the eyeshadow brush.

[13] Studio stipple brush

Haven't tried this for foundation yet. But I love to use this with my very pigmented nyx blushes, You can apply it sheer or build the colour gradually. It doesn't mess up your foundation. I love it. But it's not very dense so probably wouldn't work as well as the powder brush for foundation. Also, the brush is quite smaller than you would expect compared to the powder brush and also less dense.

[14] Concealer pencil and brush in medium and light

The most full coverage concealer from ELF. Perfect to cover those evil pimples. Much heavier coverage than the ELF all over cover sticks. The shade I got was one shade darker than my skin tone, but I lighten it using the All over cover stick in honey. There is no hint of pink in this concealer, more of a yellow undertone. Comes with a built in sharpener. And a brush. The brush was surprisingly really goood!!! Awesome!! Watch out for my review on this one! I have more to say!! I got this in light too now!! It's THAT great.

[15] Contour brush

I thought this was going to be a waste of my money, thinking I have all the contour and blending brushes I need. I was wrong. This has a tapered top and is pretty dense so it packs on colour really well. Can be used as a pencil brush or to apply contour!!! awesome!!!

 [16] Studio pressed powder in caramel
Love this thing !! It boosts my complexion and creates a light coverage while setting my concealer. My only complaint with this is that it becomes a little powdery as soon as you place the brush on top.

[17] studio line angled eyeliner brush
Love this thing!! Applies gel liner like a dream :D


These are MISS products I got from the ELF regular line. By *Miss* I mean products that I desperately tried to make them work but were just a plain waste of money since they ended up abandoned in my make up drawer. These are all the products I would not suggest. Obviously what works for me doesn't necessarily mean what works for you and vice versa.

[1] Eye primer and liner sealer

I hate this. Seriously. I dropped it, and the liner sealer smashed and I was kind of thankful because now I don't have to feel guilty about not using it. The liner sealer tip is very very stiff. It stains. The formulation is ok really, but not worth the hassle. The primer side is cakey, even upon application and w/o eyeshadow. Tried using it as a concealer. Looked really bad. Waste of my money. This is abandoned in a drawer I keep stuff I never use. And I'm not missing it.

[2] ELF studio line mini eyelash curler
This pinches my eye. Never had that problem before. I just heavily dislike this. There is no grip to it, the rubber thing continuously falls off. It is not sturdy at all. It doesn't curl the lashes that good anyway.


I don't have anything that was a MISS from the mineral line so far. But I do have a few meh* products. What do I mean by MEH products? [yup that is a word in Dyna's dictionary haha]
Products I am not so keen about. Products I barely use, but they're ok. I just have better stuff and don't like them that much.

[1] Eyebrow kit in ash

The shade is wrong to me. This might work for really fair people. That's it. But the actual formulation is good. I'm still using this. I love the packaging.

[2] Under eye concealer and highlighter

I know a lot of people like this, and it's “ok” and I sometimes use it, but I need more coverage than the concealer. And I prefer powder highlights. 

[3] Mineral infused face primer

I probably won't repurchase this one gone. It does help with applying a more flawless face with more ease. But that's it. I can work w/o it. I still use it every now and then. But I'm not exactly scared about finishing this, it feels oily on the skin, but dries to a smooth finish. I don't recommend this for oily skintones though.

[4] HD powder

I know a lot of people like this. But this thing makes my face look white with flash photography. Not good. The actual setting powder is kind of ok. But this product, I find, is a bit overrated. I prefer the ELF complexion perfection and ESPECIALLY the ELF mineral booster in tinted anytime over this. No repurchase, but I'll probably finish it one day.

[5] Blush and bronzer compact

Again, I know a lot of people rave about this. But. The blush doesn't show up on my skin. It looks like I applied highlight to my cheeks. The bronzer side is hard to blend and a bit too powdery. It is “ok” I'm just not keen about it. I bought it for my travel make up bag, and I'm glad I got to try it before. I would have been very sad with the performance because it's not what I expected. But once again, it's not bad. But it's not good either.

[6] Daily brush cleaner

I use this quite a lot. But you could just get fine with alcohol to disinfect your brushes. So yeah. I use it, but won't repurchase. I'll just use alcohol instead.

[7] Studio Blush in Candid Coral
Barely shows up on my skin, a little powdery and not pigmented. I much prefer the glow one from the regular line.

Products marked with a * were not purchased by me. But I am not obliged to review them.

FTC DISCLAIMER: I am not paid to do this post. I bought the products myself for my personal use unless stated otherwise and I am not affiliated with any company. Everything I said in this post is my genuine honest opinion :)


  1. I agree with most of your choices :) However I have oily skin and the face primer works fine for me ;) x

  2. great post! i've always wondered about elf products!



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