ELF HIT* products!! : REGULAR LINE #1

These are a HIT products for me. Not necessarily my Favourite Products.. I can narrow it further down for my favourites. But these were a HIT .

What do I mean by HIT products? The products that I love to use, products I use daily, others I use for the weekend. It is a list about products I was very happy with and find myself reaching for quite often.

I have more posts coming including the MISS products and MEH products, but I'll talk about them in seperate posts. I am going to place every single item that I bought from ELF in a post, whether it is a hit, a miss, or a meh.

Essential / Regular Line :

1. Wet Gloss Lash and Brow Clear Mascara

There was a repurchase with this one. It is just plain brilliant. I use both sides to set my brows, and avoid any powdery feel to my brows. Definitely a keeper.

2. Brightening eye colour in butternut

Why do I love this? The shades are pretty pigmented and this a cheap way to just experiment, and are also brilliant to travel with. I only have this shade. But planning to more.

3. Eyelid primer

Works as good as the mineral eyeshadow primer [which is also brilliant] but if you have oily lids I would stick to the mineral one. No creasing, no fading. Amen.

4. Luscious liquid lipstick in strawberry and perfect pink

I love this product, especially the perfect pink one, very pretty. The texture is really nice, you don't get much product, but boy is it worth the repurchase for such a low price.

5. healthy glow bronzing powder in luminance

This is my favourite highlight from ELF. Ultimate favourite. Bottom line.

6. tinted moisturiser spf15

To just give you an idea I finished one tube, am on my second and bought a back up and a darker shade for the summer. Get the hint? It works for me. Not too much coverage [which I don't need]. I know 2 people who broke out w/ this one though. This never happened to me though.

7. Nail polish in gum pink, black, teal, mango madness, mint cream, innocent

Very pretty pink. Very opaque. 2 coats will do. Definitely use a basecoat and a topcoat. But for £1.50, very much worth it.

8. Therapeutic conditioning lip balm blackberry creme
I have all the shades, but this one is my favourite and my only repurchase,
the other smells are kind of meh for me.

9. eyeshadow brush

One of the eye brushes I use everyday. I use it for highlight and browbone and works brilliantly. Not scratchy at all, really soft.

 10. blending brush

Another eye brush I use everyday. Blends any harsh lines. Also, I used it for application of liquid concealer and works brilliantly, but I prefer the former use.

11. ELF 32 christmas palette ltd ed

Love this for smokey looks. I know this is ltd ed. But there's the basic eye edition which is almost identical to this one. Definitely a good buy, but a bit too many browns. I like browns, I would have preferred a wider range of neutrals.

12. ELF party palette

Perfect for smokey eyes. Even though there is a shade I frankly can't get, a matte light pale baby blue shade, the others are brilliant. This was ltd ed.

13. Organiser

I like this, even though it could have been designed better.
I am not exactly

14. All over cover sticks

I have this in honey and light beige. I also have this in apricot beige now. It has really good coverage and I it is my favourite concealer from ELF. It does cake a bit though.

15. mechanical eyelash curler

I use this daily. Feels very sleek and worth much more than £1.50 if you ask me. An awesome buy

16. travel mirror

I dropped it wayy too many times. It never broke. The words printed saying ELF professional travel mirror fade by time but the actual product remains a 100%. Love it

17. therapeutic conditioning balm in orange creme, blackberry creme, strawberry creme

This works!!.. I love lip balms and this one acts just like vaseline on my lips - Good thing, for me. Relieves my chapped lips and moisturises.

18. custom eyes
I have these in sage, moondust, golden glow: very pigmented, a little powdery but blend easily and work perfectly. 

19. brightening eye color in ethereal, drama
Ethereal is a sheer palette. So if that's not what you're looking for - you won't like it.. but I love to layer this over other products and that's what I wanted when I bought this. 

Drama is a STAPLE!! An awesome palette for smokey eyes. Has a satiny black, a brilliantly pigmented matte white. And two gorgeous shimmery/glittery greys.

20. custom face in glow / Natural Radiance blusher in glow
Mine is the pan version.. but I love it. It's like NYX's powder blush in peach but with gold shimmer and coral tones to it.

21. Nail polish in innocent
Love this nude nail polish. It might be dull for some. But it looks pretty and cute to me. Texture wise, awesome.

FTC DISCLAIMER: I am not paid to do this post. I bought the products myself for my personal use and I am not affiliated with any company. Everything I said in this post is my genuine honest opinion :)


  1. kemm naqblu anke jien hafna min dawk il faves tijaj! x (martina just in case jider laccount tal blog)

  2. I will agree with you on the nail polishes, the eyeshadow and blending brushes, the eyelash curler and the mirror ;) I use the eyelash curler everytime I put mascara on and I always have the mirror in my handbag :) x


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