ELF MEH* products!! : REGULAR LINE #3

What do I mean by MEH products? [yup that is a word in Dyna's dictionary haha]
Products I am not so keen about. Products I barely use, but they're ok. I just have better stuff and don't like them that much.

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Essential / Regular Line:

super glossy lip shine spf15

I am not too keen on squeezy tubes. The shades I got: malt shake[sheer mlbb: pretty], pink kiss [metallic pink- I hate metallic/ frost], iced latte [shimmery brownish shade]. But I just dished these in a drawer where I keep the unused stuff. And I don't seem to miss them.

zit zapper

I'm a naughty girl when it comes to zits. Yes I pop my zits. This tends to dry the outerlayer of my zit and the zit keeps forming under it. Na-uh. POP.

foundation brush

I bought this because the site said this works best w/ the tinted moisturiser. Say what. Once you try the studio powder brush, this brush is a waste of money. I used to use this for concealer, but once again, I now use my fingers, and it applies less cakey.

dual eye sharpener

The free sharpener that you get does work brilliantly. The duo one – the one you actually pay for ruined my NYX slim lip pencil in rose. YUP.

blending wedges

Again once you try the ELF powder brush, nothing even comes close. I use these when I apply my make up on other people.. to like blend in concealer and stuff, instead of using my fingers. Nothing special though.

eye crease brush

I thought this was gonna compare to the blending brush. Not so much. It's an okay brush, but I have the studio contour brush, I would spend a little more and get that one. Trust me. 

 Seductive lipstick

This used to be in my hit post: A very pretty rosy pink shade which is a little darker than my lips. I lighten it with ELF's mineral lipstick in natural nymph. I have had compliments for this combo. It broke on me.Which is not cool. I never broke a lipstick and I don't think it's my clumsy self's fault haha.

waterproof eyeliner pen

Love this for an easy application and I love that I don't have to force my eyeball out to take it off. However, the way you have to open this really bugs me. This was in my hit post. This dried out within a month. I didn't use this THAT much so I don't think it's because there was not product left.

FTC DISCLAIMER: I am not paid to do this post. I bought the products myself for my personal use and I am not affiliated with any company. Everything I said in this post is my genuine honest opinion :)


  1. I love the HD powder, think its a good product. I have a few products from elf too that im not too happy about :)

  2. Wow, great job on these. I think we have very similar ELF tastes!

  3. I really dislike the super glossy lip shine lipglosses, the texture... the scent/taste... the application.. definitely not a fan! x


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