ELF studio cool bronzer [[review w / swatches !!]]

swatches of the four shades: ELF cool bronzer
Swathes of the four shades and the whole shades mixed together vertically :)

ELF cool bronzer

What would my perfect bronzer be like?? A little golden, matte,not overly pigmented, easily blendable, quite natural looking, and good enough to show up.

ELF's cool bronzer is something I love to use, but I have to use it differently than the ELF warm bronzer. I use the ELF studio Powder brush toapply this. I mix the four shades together blend it on my forehead and temples [to make my forehead look smaller],I contour my cheek and then I blend a little on y jawline for a little definition. I actually love how it contours.

There is no golden tone to it, so for me that's not so good. This will not suit most skin tones for sure. Fair to pale complexions – stay away. Light Medium skin tones – I would not risk it. Darker medium skintones [like me] can use this with a light hand and more effort in blending. Darker skin tones can definitely use this shade.

This bronzer is on the cool side, hence the name duh haha. But I don't fall under the cool complexions.. I'm probably more of an neutral /warm skin tone which is typical of Mediterranean skin.

This doesn't give me the most perfect natural bronze, it does show up quite “fake”. I don't know how to describe it. Sort of Kim Kardashian – like contouring. I like to look a little fake tanned actually so I don't mind this. But if you're more into the natural bronze, opt for the ELF studio warm bronzer.

The packaging is what I love, it is identical to all studio bronzers, translucent powder, bronzing and blush duo etc.

The texture is not too powdery, it's just perfect to me. It is also buildable.

BOTTOM LINE: I personally like this product and I use it pretty frequently, however, I can see it not suiting all skin tones and skin types, so do consider that prior to purchasing. If you're a bit new to bronzers I would suggest trying out the warm bronzer and seeing how that would work out for you, or if you're into the shimmer and all that, it is a safer buy. But I personally use the cool one more often now.

 Want to see how it performs?

FTC DISCLAIMER: I am not paid to do this post. I bought the product myself for my personal use unless otherwise stated and I am not affiliated with any company. Everything I said in this review is my genuine honest opinion :)


  1. Haha I sort of like the "fake" bronze look too! Just not on me.

    What do you have on your lips in the last photo? It's gorgeous?

    I found your blog on ELF's wall on facebook... just thought you'd like to know! :) I'm always searching for new beauty blogs to follow!

  2. Hello Captain Kristy Pancakes xD

    On my lips I have
    *ELF studio lip lock pencil
    NYX long lip pencil in coffee
    NYX slim lip pencil in coral
    NYX round lipstick in femme

    In reality it is a bit more reddish and corally than that though :) xxx

    thank you so much for supporting me I love ELF. and I get so much support from ELF fans I just cannot be thankful enough :D

  3. You look so pretty! I absolutely love your reviews. l have chubby cheecks and would love to learn how to slim those down ._. great post!


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