EYEKO fat balm in cherry [review with swatches!!]

Eyeko fat balm in cherry
Swatch of Eyeko Fat Balm in Cherry - 1 swipe

And YES! Another review.. 
So allow me to start without the usual boring random rambles...

similar to the all over cover sticks but not as cheap looking
Pretty sleek and handy.
Forgot to upload a photo of the packaging, will do so real soon :)
Did I mention I adoooore the Eyeko logo??

Not too creamy, 
Not too stiff
Easy to apply both on the cheek and on the lip
Just right :D

 Easy to apply, 
Nothing to complain about here

It's a deep berry red shade
No shimmer
No frost
Not too keen on the shade..
But that's just me

Pretty good, 
it leaves a stain on my hand, like a tint to it
which is brilliant

I tested it out on my hand, didn't even dare apply it to my lips since I'm not a red lip girl, and especially not a red cheek girl haha xD
Even though I don't use it , but it would be great if they had a shade I would really like. Like a shimmerless coral shade or a rosy pink shade

FTC Disclaimer: I got this free on a giveaway. I am not affiliated with any company and the opinions held are only my own. I would NEVER mislead my leaders or trick them into buying stuff I wouldn't personally buy myself.


  1. I really like these cos you can use them for cheeks and lips. I haven't bought any yet though! I might be buying some NYX soon I cant wait :)

  2. wow what a gorgeous color that would be so nice on my lips hehehe :)

  3. I want this, thanks for the honest review!


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