REVIEW!! ELF studio stipple brush [vs ELF powder brush!!]

Hello guys, I have been requested to do this review on this stippling  brush many times so I had to speed things up with this one. Anyways.. Nuff said. Onto the review :D

ELF studio stipple brush

ELF studio stipple brush
Sorry for the blurry image - No your eyes are just fine. It's just that I am bad at taking photos haha xD Sorry ^.^

ELF studio stipple brush
ELF studio stippling brush

Left to Right: ELF studio Powder blush, ELF studio stipple brush

Taklon Brush. Very soft. Not dense. White bristles stain easily [as expected]. No shedding. The brush was a bit squashed in the packaging it came with as it is not dense at all so can easily be somewhat deformed if stored unproperly. Outside the packaging it eventually grew out of its deformation. The diameter is smaller than the powder brush, it fits my small cheeks perfectly.


Quite sleek looking. But not as wide as the powder brush [REVIEW HERE] [quite expected as I heard it is much smaller than the traditional brush on a couple of reviews beforehand] 


[1] To apply highlight: 
Very good. But it tends to really make the powder highlight quite powdery in the pan. But applies brilliantly. I used it with ELF bronzing powder in luminance [REVIEW HERE]. I prefer using the tapered top of the studio blush brush for highlight [REVIEW HERE]

[2] To apply foundation/ tinted moisturiser:
Quite good. But I much prefer the ELF studio powder brush for foundation. For two reasons. A- easier to blend and B- faster application. I used this with my ELF tinted moisturiser [REVIEW HERE] and with my NYX HD foundation [REVIEW HERE]

[3] To apply cream blush:
My FAVOURITE use for this blush. I use it with my nyx cream blush and it works amazingly, blends it to a smooth finish. Doesn't mess with my foundation. Makes it look very natural, Builds up the product brilliantly. I use very pigmented cream blushed by NYX [REVIEW HERE]

[4] To apply powder blush:
Applies blush really sheer, excellent for a natural flush, and works best with very pigmented blushes. Builds up your blush really beautifully :) I used it with my NYX powder blushes [REVIEW HERE]

[5] To apply setting powder:
Applies sheer and requires more time, I quite like it to apply setting powder, but I much prefer the ELF studio face kabuki brush [REVIEW HERE] or even the ELF studio powder brush [REVIEW HERE].

BOTTOM LINE: I personally find the best use for this blush is to apply cream blushes.

Overall rating: 4/5 [could be slightly more dense]

Thank you for reading guys. And if you're from Europe [excluding Italy, Spain and Germany- because they have their own website or whatever] and would like to try ELF products, I suggest you “like” ELF's facebook fan page HERE to be informed about elf's promotional codes. Plus the more people join their fan page, the quicker the codes come out :)

If you have never bought from elf uk, their customer service is just amazing and I have purchased so many times I've never ever been disappointed. You definitely don't have to worry about that.

You can buy these  :

FTC DISCLAIMER: I am not paid to do this review. I bought the product myself for my personal use and I am not affiliated with any company. Everything I said in this review is my genuine honest opinion :)


  1. I like mine best I think for applying mineral blush, with those its so easy to go OTT with it. x

  2. I like these!the bristles are very soft and the price... fantastic!
    I follow you :)

  3. good to know Enigma, I don't own mineral blush but I cannot tell for myself but I love to see other people's use of the product. :)

    @Bubi. Thank you for following hun, it really is a brilliant product :D

  4. Mine just arrived three days ago. I still use this for applying my NYX HD Foundation and it rocks!!! I used to have lots of bad foundation/face day back when I still used my fingers but this... This is great. I'm thinking of buying and collecting different stipple brushes now and doing various reviews on them.


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