SLEEK POUT POLISHES: perfect plum and powder pink LIP SWATCHES!!

I found the photos of the lip swatches for the SLEEK POUT POLISHES in  perfect plum and powder pink !! So here you go.

P.S. the sleek pout polishes can be applied sheer but are very buildable :):)

Sleek pout polish in perfect plum
Sleek pout polish in perfect plum

Sleek pout polish in perfect plum 
Sleek pout polish in powder pink
For a full review go HERE.


  1. dyna,although I am not very active with commenting on your blog because of the house tragedy,I am reading every single post going :awwwww,dyna is so pretty

    Huggies and have a wonderful weekend my dear

  2. Perfect Plum is gorgeous, I wish colours like this would show up on my lips properly...I have such pigmented lips :(


  3. Both are really pretty :) I thought the powder pink would be scary bright, but it's not :) x


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