ELF mineral booster in tinted [review with swatches !!] # HG setting powder!!

ELF mineral booster in tinted

Say hellooo to the best setting powder from ELF !!!!!
yup this is hands down ELF's best setting powder and Dyna approved =D
Yup for £3.50 you'll own the most photogenic setting powder ever. !!
Well at least, compared to all the stuff I've tried.

I love to use this in a combination with my NYX foundation and this never ever fails!!!

I know a lot of people like the ELF HD powder.
I have it.
and actually I'm not so impressed at all with it. 

I think it's a highly overrated product.
see in the photos below contrasting the performance of the ELF mineral booster and the ELF HD powder.

The ELF mineral booster is 1000x better!!

This is probably the downside of the product. 
Not the actual packaging- 
The packaging is alright.
It's the fact that this is a loose powder...
It may get a bit messy and it may be tough to get used to picking less product at first
So I pressed this xD
But I'm not sure if I've done something wrong or something because it is just not holding up properly
I hope it holds up and I won't lose the actual product because I just adore this.
ELF mineral booster in tinted - with sticker entirely removed on the sifter, you can decide to not take it all off or just poke it or something, but I just took it all off.

Sooooo smoothe xD
Blends quite easily, but be careful with it as it's a loose powder, 
you might accidentally pick up too much product.
so tap off the excess product.
that is just a tap on the powder, it's so smoothe :D

Oh god. 
The performance of this product is amazing,
It absorbs the little shine on my T zone
Does NOT make me look washed out with flash photography
Smoothes out the whole look.
It's just amazing..
You want proof right ??

The following are photos taken with flash, with my friends' cameras or some other camera. I cropped myself out to show my pretty face.. :P I used the NYX HD foundation and ELF mineral booster in tinted as a combo :D

As opposed to my previous looks using a Max Factor Foundation / ELF tinted moisturiser w/ spf 15 / ELF HD powder / ELF complexion perfection combos.. You can clearly see the difference!! These photos were also taken w/ other cameras :D

Did I convince you just yet?? I'm telling you, this baby is 100% worth it!! Will definitely repurchase, definitely recommend. Very Very happy buyer !!

I heard people say that the ELF mineral booster in tinted is another version of the ELF mineral booster in sheer but for dark skin tones. I couldn't disagree more. I'm a medium skin tone. I'm nowhere near being dark, actually I consider myself quite white since I live in sunny Malta.

Nevermind, uhm, yeah my point is that the product has a tint to it. It's not cool neither warm, it's a tint, and I actually like that it has an extra tint to it, since it boosts up my complexion and gives my face a more healthy look xD
ELF mineral booster in tinted swatch :) #unblended

ELF mineral booster in tinted swatch #blended

This is the BEST setting powder I have EVER tried.
Amen to ELF. *bows*
Overall Rating: 4.9 /5
and it's a definite repurchase!!!!

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and I hope this helps someone out there :]

FTC DISCLAIMER: I am not paid to do this review. I bought the product myself for my personal use and I am not affiliated with any company. Everything I said in this review is my genuine honest opinion :)


  1. Dear, I'm wondering what the difference is between Mineral booster sheer and Mineral booster tinted. Can you please explain? Is tinted for summer tanny look?

  2. hello Eva, thanks for commenting :)

    Actually, not really, the mineral booster has a tint to it, gives colour to the face. Wheareas the sheer one, I believe is more of a translucent powder. I do not own the sheer one, but the tinted is definitely not for tanned skin and all that, you can see in the swatch, it does give the skin more colour, but not like a bronzer.

    Also I believe, the tinted one adds a little coverage. Whereas the sheer one doesn't. Hope this answered your question :)

  3. I'm really glad that you reviewed this because I was totally thinking about trying this! Looks great

  4. glad I could be helpful :D

  5. I love the one in 'sheer' it's really good! infact I'm onto my 3rd one! I was going to buy the 'small shimmer' mineral booster last time but I'm not sure. have you tried it? xoxo


  6. hey xxxmandaxxx :D
    I actually saw swatches of the shimmer one it looks gorgeous :D but haven't tried it yet. I-m very much interested in the bronzer one though. It is tempting haha:)

  7. I feel the same way about the mineral booster in sheer. I am very pale though and doubt that this one would do me any favours. I seem to end up looking dirty very easily if I use the wrong setting powder. x

  8. Ooh I've been looking for an awesome powder. I'll have to look into this!
    Wearing It On My Sleeves

  9. Good review Dyna! I have both sheer & tinted and basically tinted just adds a bit of color where the sheer is almost translucent. I love them both and often actually mix the two, as sometimes the tinted alone is too much color for me. I think it's a highly under-rated product & would re-purchase as well. Having said that I also really like the ELF HD powder & use that more in my t zone. I think both have their place, great job :)

  10. I've been looking for a setting powder might just try this one out!! I have a whole list of ELF products I want to buy next time they have a promotion and actually have some money! lol! X

  11. Hi i just bought the sheer one and i pulled off the little plastic sticker but i cant get the powder to come out like yours is. IF i rub the brush across the hole it gets a tiny but but the powder wont pour out into the lid. Any suggestions?

    1. hi dana.. close it and shake it hunny.. trust me.. you'll get a lot out hehe xx


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