ELF regular line all over cover sticks [review with swatches!!]

ELF essentials all over cover stick in apricot beige in packaging

Helloooo xD
I already raved about this product in my ELF's different concealers post over HERE.
But I realised I haven't done a full review about it 

Oh well. 

These little babies are soooo great. 
I have 3 shades: honey, light beige and apricot beige. 

 I personally don't like the packaging all that much, but it's ok really .. :)
 I believe that they remodified the packaging, as the honey and light beige one are quite old in my collection and have a clear part where you can see the packaging. 
The apricot beige one has a white plastic part instead.

ELF essentials all over cover sticks in light beige and honey.
ELF regular line all over cover stick in apricot beige

 Quite creamy. 
But creaminess varies between shades, 
Light Beige is much creamier than honey and apricot beige

Honey:  has an orange kind of tint to it and the darkest out of the three I have
Light Beige: pin undertone and slightly darker than Apricot Beige
Apricot Beige: yellow undertone and lightest out of the three I have

ELF regular line all over cover sticks in light beige and honey swatches.
ELF regular line all over cover sticks in apricot beige and light beige swatches

ELF regular line all over cover sticks in apricot beige and light beige swatches

When set with powder, I would say this lasts a maximum of 8-10 hours. 
It is not smudgeproof.

It's not the most amazing full coverage concealer, no. 
But I would say the coverage is medium and quite appropriate for under eyes. 

Yes, this product is creamy so it does settle on your fine lines. 

Love this concealer for my under eyes :) 
Repurchase? Yes
Reccommend? Yes
Is this my HG concealer? No not really
Does it hide blemishes and pimples? No - but the studio concealer pencil and brush does.

FTC DISCLAIMER: I am not paid to do this review. I bought the product myself for my personal use and I am not affiliated with any company. Everything I said in this review is my genuine honest opinion :)


  1. Just found your blog, you have a lot of great info and I've never really tried a lot of ELF products but I think I need to. Great review

    Following you now

    I have a fashion blog here in California

  2. i only have their blush sticks. would try this out :)

    thanks for sharing!
    Oh BTW, new follower here. :)


  3. I have Honey and Light Beige.
    I really like these, but my Light Beige fell out of the tube- this also happened to my All Over Color stick in Persimmon, but they popped back in easily.


  4. can you help me find my shade for nc25-30 for elf over cover stick, elf studio foundation, and elf essential tm

  5. hi sweetTEA,
    I don't know the equivalent mac shades in elf shades hun.. I don't even know my shade in mac foundation haha. But what I can advise you to do is to comment on the elf fan page on facebook maybe someone is the same shade as you are and they might be able to find you the perfect shades for you x

  6. tq dyna! love the elf swatches!


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