ELF regular line lipstick in seductive [review with hand and lip swatches !!]

ELF regular line essentials lipstick in seductive

ELF regular line essentials lipstick in seductive

Hello guys xD
I have another review for you guys today :D

It's about the ELF regular line or essentials lipstick in seductive.
I only have this shade. 
But ELF has other shades:
I saw people commenting that these lipsticks compare to high end lipsticks or even beat them.
I don't have high end lipsticks..
But I have like .. 25 lipsticks. 
So.. I think I do have an idea of lipsticks :)


Not a fan
Looks cheap [I know the lipstick actually IS cheap]
Hate the transparent part.
Not a fan of the packaging at all. 
I adore the mineral lipstick's packaging. 
But the packaging of this product isn't the most amazing. 
But for the price you can't complain about that.


 Stiff lipstick in the tube, 
but against the lip, it does transfer quite creamy. 
It does not feel creamy, nor sticky on the lips. 
It's kind of difficult to describe. 
It's not moisturising 
But it's not drying either.
The texture on the lips is quite good. 
The stiffness in the tube is a problem though. 
In fact my lipstick broke eventually. 
Because it is so stiff in the tube, you end up pressing too much against your lip.
The texture of this product is not the traditional lipstick. 
It's very similar to Eyeko's cherry fat balm in spf15


Can be applied sheer but is very buildable.

ELF regular line essentials lipstick in seductive: TOP: 3 swipes, BOTTOM: one swipe


A little more than average: 
3-4 hours.


A rosy pink shade with red undertones :)
Very different from the online swatch
and unlike what I thought I was going to get, 
it has no coral and no peach to it. 

ELF regular line essentials lipstick in seductive with ELF mineral lipstick in natural nymph over it.

ELF regular line essentials lipstick in seductive: one swipe, two swipes, two swipes w/ ELF natural nymph

ELF regular line essentials lipstick in seductive lip swatch
ELF regular line essentials lipstick in seductive with ELF mineral lipstick in natural nymph over it lip swatch

I would say this is a semi matte finish.


An artificial cherry smell.
I quite like it.


I will not repurchase. I barely ever use this ever since it broke. 
I  will not purchase other shades.
I used to use this quite a lot when I got it. 
and I love pairing this with ELF's mineral lipstick in natural nymph.
But now I'm not using it anymore. 
The fact that it's broken puts me off. 
I'd give it a 2/5 for the lipstick
and a 4/5 for the shade.
Till another review :)

FTC DISCLAIMER: I am not paid to do this post. I bought the product myself for my personal use unless otherwise stated and I am not affiliated with any company. Everything I said in this post is my genuine honest opinion :)


  1. im gonna buy these!!!!!! :)

    okaay. thank you so much for replying :)

    you're such a big help! going to make a big order on ELF :)

  2. mine in gypsy broke too!!! =( Not impressed with the quality at all and the cherry scent puts me off! Gaaah, the only saving grace for these lipsticks are their price and shades. I bought three but eventually gave one to a friend, broke one and kept one in the drawer.. XD

  3. love the color and awww sorry for the broken lipstick i hate when than happens nice blog im your new follower :) i'd love if you follow back

  4. I bought all of these lipsticks, cant wait to try it out. I hope mine dont break haha :) Need to post my elf haul soon :)
    thanks for sharing your review <3

    Xoxo Christine

  5. Aww that's so messed up that it broke so easily!

  6. I have looked at these before and thought about purchasing but don't think I'll bother I love the mineral lipsticks though :-)

  7. @missyprincesse: I'mnì glad to be of helps and you're most welcome hun xx

    @ aisyah de cullen: I actually like the cherry smell haha.. I actually wouldn't buy unless there's a shade to die for. xD

    @ peach crush: I know, I just hate broken lippies *sobs*. Thanks for following, I am now following you too x

    @ Christine: I sure hope they won't break.. can't wait to see your elfhaul hun xx

    @Vanessa: I know it's such a shame :(

    @Catherine: I adore the mineral ones. They're amazing :D

  8. Its so sad that it broke on you. :( I bought "classy" the other day and I do like it. Its definitely worth more than $1. Great review as always. :)

  9. Mine also broke! It actually broke in the middle of my video review!

  10. @Mara. it's a shame really :( But that's ok, I can live without it haha xD Thank you so much hun <3

    @diva make up queen: OMG how unfortunate :( I think they do have a tendency to break.. which is a shame..

  11. I've got 2 of the E.L.F. regular line lippys, and to be honest i love them! For the price they're amazing, and because i apply with a brush ive not had any break on me, as i have heared it happen to alot of people. Being a new lipstick fan i only have these, Sleek, urban decay and mua but these are deffinatly my faves so far!
    Do you have any good brands to reccomend? I'm a big fan of pinks and nudes and still need to find that perfect shade for me!

  12. none of mine broke as yet. i believe michelle phan posted a video on youtube on how to fix a broken lipstick, very easy. :)

  13. When the lipstick break just put the broken piece in the tube over a lighter or candle for a few seconds. then add the broken piece and twist down and put the lipstick in refrigerator for 5min and it will be better than new

    1. yeah hun, I tried that, but this lipstick breaks again after a few applications :/


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