FINALLY !! A facebook fan page :D

Hello guys, I would sooo appreciate if you'd go over HERE 
and like my facebook fan page for this blog, 
I am essentially always on facebook so it would be lovely to interact with you guys over there. 

I will post blog related stuff, 
any promotional offers that I know of. 
and would appreciate if you left requests and any comments or
suggestions directly there. 

I would greatly appreciate it :D 
and I thank you for all your support and encouragement :D
Your support is sooo overwhelming [in a very good way :D]
Soo thank you soooo much <3

I have some awesome posts prepared for you guys :D



  1. Yay, im definitely going to be a part of your site :)

    Xoxo Christine

  2. great dyna:) do you have twitter by the way? If yes add me @madgiraffecarla.

    Happy easter love :) X

  3. awh thank you so much Christine xx

    Yup I do have twitter Carla, I'll add you in a bit. xx

    I still have to publicize my twitter though. I'm a bit slow when it come sto these things haha xx


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