Mini Collective Haul: repurchases, new products ... :)

Hiiii xD
I actually have a haul today. 
I didn't know what I should name this post but  I think that will do ...
Uhm so yeah ..
I'm gonna boast about what I got.
Not really ..
I'm just showing you what products I'm trying out and those I actually repurchased..

1. Nivea Invisible for black&white 48h Roll On Anti persperant deodorant
Loving these nivea roll ons, I am trying to try them all. 
They are most of the time under some sort of offer which is awesome :D
I already finished the Pure Invisible 24h anti persperant protection,
I am currently using the Nivea double effect anti persperant protection,
and it's actually pretty good too. 

2. Nivea Soft Face-Hands-Body refreshingly soft moisturising cream
I already managed to finish the 200ml one. So I got the bigger tub of 300ml. 
This is an amazing product xD Really is. 
Wish Nivea was cruelty free though.

3. Tres Emme Instant Refresh Dry Shampoo 
I saw a review on this .. uhm. I actually can't find it.. 
But as soon as I read the review.. I had to get it. 
I love Tres Emme products so we'll have to see how this goes :)

4. Wilkinson Sword Extra Beauty Blades
I have been repurchasing this product since forever.. 
I just love these... :)

5. D&P Perfumum E21
This was a repurchase. Because I broke the first one. 
Yup. Smashed it.
Clumsy clumsy person. 
This is actually an exact dupe of the Escada into the Blue perfume.
I finished a whole bottle of Escada Into the Blue perfume .. which I got as a present.
And ever since I got it, that's the only perfume I have been wearing. 
It's actually a casual perfume. But very summerish, very light and vibrant. 
Ugh. I'm probably the worst person at describing perfume. 
But this is very "me" kind of scent if you know what I mean  xD

6. Nivea pure and natural, milk and honey lip balm
I got this after all the ravings on youtube and actually one of my friends told me she found this a really good balm. So I got it :) You can never have enough lip balm uh xD

That's it for today :)
Thank you for supporting me and my blog 
and if you haven't .. follow guys, 
it's like a massive virtual hug xD


FTC DISCLAIMER: I am not paid to do this post. I bought the product myself for my personal use unless otherwise stated and I am not affiliated with any company. Everything I said in this review is my genuine honest opinion :


  1. nivea lip care is my fave. I also made a review on this. great choice! :)

  2. I love Nivea products, especially their lip balms :)

    Xoxo Christine

  3. I really like the Tresemme dry shampoo but be careful not to overdo it, if I do it makes my head a little itchy. Never a desirable effect ;)

  4. awh I love nivea's lip balms.. especially the turquoise one [I always forget the name].I am following you MissKatv. Thank you for telling me about your blog xx

    @Christine: I love them too, I only wish they're cruelty free :)

    @Tracy D: Thank you for the tip hunny xx


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