SLEEK divine bad girl palette [ review with swatches!! ]

Hello guys, 
I have another review today.
Sorry for slacking off on reviews though..
busy life busy life.. 

this is my review on the divine Sleek bad girl palette :]

SLEEK bad girl palette and cardbox packaging.
You can see the ingredients here..

 What's not to love about the packaging??
It's small, sleek [pun intended =)]
and portable.
It's really slim compared to other palettes 
and pretty lightweight
You also get a mirror but I never really use it.

 Quite powdery 
Very pigmented
A bit hard to blend

Quite good.

A bit too dark for my liking, 
shades a little too similar.. 
you get doubles of shades essentially.
This works best if you like smokey eyes but I don't smoke my eyes every single day, 
and the shades are a bit on the cool side too which clash with my warm skintone :)

Because the eyeshadows are powdery you end up having eyeshadow all over the place,
so that's a minus.
But I do like the palette and the texture overall, but the shades are not for me, 
if the shades were more on the neutral side, I'm pretty sure I'll love it. 
and because I'm not exactly an expert on describing eyeshadows, refer to the pictures below for the colour of the shades:

SLEEK bad girl palette
It comes with a plastic sheet with eyeshadow names
SLEEK bad girl palette

Innocence, Gullible, Blade, Gun Metal

Underground, Noir, Intoxicated, Envy
Obnoxious, Abyss, Twilight, Rebel

So yup, there you go :) 
Hope you found this helpful and thank you for supporting my blog guys xxxxx

FTC DISCLAIMER: I am not paid to do this post. I got the product from a giveaway win and I am not affiliated with the company. Everything I said in this review is my genuine honest opinion :)


  1. Wow i love this palette I am going to have to look very hard for this. :)

  2. wow gorgeous colors and the packaging is soooo cute

  3. awhhh you should have got the Storm palette instead!!! That has more neutrals the colours are all very wearable :)


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