The awesomest "birthday" package from NYX!!! A $112 value!!!

Hello girls!!!
- just to change a little bit you know, 
I'm assuming you're all girls. 

But if not. Hello guys. xD
Actually I sound sexist now. 

Hello people!!!
yup that ought to do it. 

Ok so nevermind. 

If you have read my post over HERE you'd know that I was contacted by NYX and as a thank you for all of my reviews and stuff that I have posted, 
they decided to send me some stuff. 
Apart from the stuff they decided to send over,
they also allowed me to choose a couple of items of my choice!!

Aren't I spoiled or what??
They did not ask for reviews or anything.. 
they literally wanted to give them to me as a "thank you". 
Awhhh. xD
I'm actually seriously honored that a company like NYX acknowledges my blog. 
I mean, technically speaking, 
I don't own the most famous blog out there..
I don't have the largest number of followers.
So in companies' eyes.. they can find a whole lot better PR for their product. 
It's THEIR loss hunny. 
THEIR loss. 
haha. Just kidding. 

-Aside note-
I'd rather have the nicest followers I have today than any free product or whatever. 
It truly is very rewarding to have such a response from my readers. 
And I know there are gurus or beauty bloggers who see their followers as just a number, 
I don't. 
For me, to have someone tell me.. I trust your opinion a 100% .. 
or telling me, thank you, I feel the exact same way with the same product. 
That is way more rewarding than having the number of my followers  escalate. 
Not that I'm not thankful, I am, very much so. 

But you guys literally manage to brighten up my day with your sweet comments. 
I am truly blessed with the type of followers I have. 
You're the nicest people on the internet. 

Anyway.. I have to continue.. because otherwise I'll never finish. 
So the NYX representative who contacted me, uhm.. I'm not sure if I can mention her name. 
But she made sure I'll get the package even though the US NYX cosmetic site cannot ship to Europe. 
Isn't that sweet of her? xD

This happened to arrive on my birthday!!!
Isn't that awesome?!!!

So what did I get from NYX cosmeticssssss??

*drum roll please*!!!!!

 This is a list of what I got:

NYX Moisaic Powder blush in MPB01 Highlighter, MPB10 Love
NYX Powder blush in PB02 Dusty Rose, PB08 Cinnamon
NYX 10 colour eyeshadow palette ESP10C09 Haute Model
NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams in SMLC 04 London, SMLC05 Antwerp
NYX Black Label lipstick in BLL109 India , BLL174 Nude
NYX fly with me Mascara in jet black.
NYX HD grinding blushers in GB04 English Rose , HDGB08 Menage a Trois

I am one lucky blogger, right?!!
No, really, I feel so blessed to have this opportunity to blog 
and this is so fun to me, 
Thank you guys for your endless support, nice comments and encouragement. 
It truly means a lot to me :D

I will be trying out this products and reviewing them for you guys, 
and if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask :))
 Oh and as I said in my previous posts... 
I would never sabotage my reputation for free products or for compensation of any kind, 
so don't you worry, 
I'm still going to be honest :)) 

Thanks again, 

P.S. I have an ELF haul and a SLEEK haul coming up today :)) 
So stay tune :D

FTC Disclaimer: I got all of these products for free from NYX cosmetics US.  I only paid for the duty of the package. I am not affiliated by NYX cosmetics. I am not compensated for any reviews or posts I do about NYX cosmetics. I am not obliged to do this post or any future reviews about the free products I have received. 


  1. I am completely jealous of your haul! Completely jealous. But happy (belated?) birthday. Also, you have an amazing blog and you're one of the few blogs that reviews drugstore brands really well--ELF and NYX, for example, are what lured me to your blog. A lot of bloggers will say things like "for the price, it's not bad" but you have very positive things to say without the backhanded "it's not (insert expensive brand here)" compliments.

    anyway, i hope to see some swatches/reviews/looks soon. :)

  2. Woww!! You're so lucky Dyna!! looking forward for the reviews! xx

  3. I know hun!! I feel so lucky to have gotten this. So so lucky!! and thank you so much for your compliments, they really mean a lot to me :)) I always try to be as honest as I can about a product and I'm a bargain hunter.. so I am not the type whose gonna spend $100 for like 7 items.. or even less. haha. And I believe it's the application that counts.. not the price tag :)))

    Thank you so much for your lovely comment JC! :) and thank you for your continuous support !! :D xxxx <3

  4. I feel very lucky Lara, actually :D :D :D I'm so glad I have this opportunity :D NYX and ELF are my two all time favourite brands. But NYX is not easily accessible to me. So to have this opportunity, it's amazing :D

  5. Wow you're so lucky! Congrats :) i have the mosiac blush in love too and I think it would look amazing on your skintone x

  6. I really am LauraSummer :) and I have yet to use the mosaic blush in love.. but I did swatch it and it looks amazing!! :)))

  7. Wow Congrats on the NYX items. :) I can't wait to hear what you think about all the items.

  8. I am so jealous right now >_<!!! hehe but so happy for you. You said you aren't the best guru or anything, BUT you have to know that your honest opinions and passion for makeup is undeniably sweet!! Keep up the good work!!

  9. awh you guys!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you so so so much <3 <3 I really really appreciate it!!!!!!!!

  10. very awesome :) always feels good to be acknowledged for good work! especially in the form of makeup lol


  11. such an amazing birthday present for you to enjoy from NYX!
    That was very nice of them to send you a lovely goodie box for you to try out!

    Stefy xx

  12. Thank you sweeties <3 It actually feels great to have this kind of opportunity :))))

  13. Congrats on getting all those items. It's definitely true that it shouldn't matter how many followers you have, some of the big blogs with lots of followers don't get anything sent to them either.

  14. thank you so much hunnyy xxx :D

  15. you lucky lucky thing lol that was so nice of them :)good choices
    saz xxxx


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