Beauty Spotlight & Beauty Fail of the week!! WEEK #1

Hey guys, I adore favourite posts and all that. 
I also love it when blogs "trash" products that really deserve to be trashed. 

I'm going to do this kind of post once every week. 
I'm not going to promise a"day of the week" 
Because I'm not THAT organised. 

And besides. I don't want to this post by force. 
Because I find that some blogs tend to do that.. 

I just personally find it something "programmed" rather than real. 
As with my favourites of the month, 
I may delay the post and twist it the way I want to.. 
in the sense that.. I will not "schedule" anything. 
I'll just surprise you. 

Yup. I'm a creepy blogger. 


I'm going to start with the BAD. 
and let's call this a "BEAUTY FAIL"!

Wella Viva Hair Dye in #81 Sunny Blonde

Actually this is a product I have used like a month ago,
but my evil self wanted to trash this product as soon as I tried it. 
Stupid bloody dye doesn't actually dye. 
I know right? Waste of money. Stupid fail.
I'll actually review this or rather "fully trash it in a review" 
so if you want to know why this product is a fail.. just stay tuned for the review :)

and now.. 
I'm gonna go ahead and let you know what the GOOD part is..
and I'm going to call this a "BEAUTY SPOTLIGHT"

ELF all over cover stick in apricot beige

Woahh. This baby is amazing. I mean .. texture wise, it covers my under eye dark circles brilliant circles!! This particular shade I mean, apricot beige, it highlights my under eyes, and brightens up my eye. Yellow undertone deletes my stupid purpleness .. or whatever the technical word is. This baby is  amazing. I wouldn't say it's my HG under eye concealer because I like to experiment with my concealers.. but I know it's going to be really hard to find something that would win over this.

Let me know if you guys like these kind of posts or not :)


FTC DISCLAIMER: I am not paid to do this post. I bought the products myself for my personal use unless otherwise stated and I am not affiliated with the companies. Everything I said in this post is my genuine honest opinion :)


  1. I like this kinda posts....Keep 'em Comin...!! :) :)

  2. I like these posts :) and I love the smell of ELF's cover sticks! xxx

  3. I like these type of posts, cant wait to see more ^^

    Love Christine ♥


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