Blogger Tip: how to have unlimited photo space for free

A little heart to heart tip from blogger to blogger.
I don't know if you guys know, 
but if you're on blogspot, 
you get something like 700 free photos on Picasa Web Albums.

Now if you're new on blogger, 
you probably won't even notice. 
and probably won't care that much either.

But once that photo limit is reached.. 
you are not allowed to post photos on Picasa Web Albums.. 
hence .. you will be unable to post photos the traditional way on your blog
and will be asked by Picasa Web Albums to pay for an upgrade. 

And if you're like me, 
you'll just say: WHAT?! SINCE WHEN??!

I am not going to pay for space on Picasa Web Albums. 
Sorry dude. 

how do I still manage to post photos on my blog?

I already had a facebook account. 
I opened a new album, which is only visible to me. 
I upload photos there the normal way. 
I press F5 whilst on one of them photos to make them draggable. 
and I drag them over on my new post. 

I don't know if I explained it properly.. 
So let me know if you haven't understood. 

I hope you find this helpful xxx
Just thought I'd share the tip with you guys 
who have a blog too.


  1. That was so helpful, thanks :)

  2. whoooahh, really? I didn't know that! =D But I haven't actually reach my picasa limit. =) Will remember this tip once the time comes. ^^

  3. Great tip, didn't know that thank you :-)

  4. I had no idea, thanks Dyna!

  5. Thanks for letting us know! :-)

  6. I had no idea!! Thanks for the tip!! :)

  7. Fab tip! I've been uploading mine to photobucket as I've run out, but I think you have a limit with them too so I have been worrying about this! xx

  8. What a great tip!
    Good to know when I'm there. Tnx!

  9. I will try this I just reached my limit :(((

  10. This seem applicable to a windows computer, how about the Mac? i am trying to do this but failing. HELP am out of space and cant do anything on my blog!

  11. Wow, thank you so much! What a great tip!!!!


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