Dear – Not so secret – Diary.. #3


Hello guys, 
it's 3.27am on my clock .. 
and I'm still very much awake. 
Anyways.. there are five things currently on my mind xD

1. I literally stayed up all night last night.. Assignmenting.. sorting out school stuff and all that. 

2. I probably had 10- 15 cups of coffee in my system and I'm probably going to sleep on the bus. Haha.

3. I have my birthday soon. This Wednesday actually. And not too keen about it. The nearer the birthday, the nearer the exams. Grr. I'm a little stressed out actually.. and as you can see this is a bit negative post. Please bare in mind I have not had my beauty sleep and I look like Fester from Adam's Family. HAHAHA.

4. I just HAVE to get my bloody theory driving test over with. I started studying at one point but keep postponing the bloody exam. And I need the bloody car. I HATE buses and all that.

5. Next Saturday we have a Referendum in Malta in favour or against divorce.. and I am FED UP of hearing about it. Malta is “essentially” Catholic so BIG hype. HUGE. And I'm fed up of people politicising it and repeating what their “party” said. Geez. Think with your minds people!

Anyways, I'm off to finish something xD
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Y'all have a good night :D xxx


  1. whoa! 10 - 15 cups of coffee? I'd be shaking already if I had that much coffee in my system. I'm sure everything will be fine. Advance happy birthday gorgeous!

    followed your blog. :)

  2. I love your hair! Good luck with exams!


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