Dear -not so secret- Diary ... #2

Is appalled at the horrible service of a particular Maltese bus driver. Tonight, after complaining to a bus driver after waiting an hour for either one of 2 specific... buses , [there were at least 3 scheduled buses for the period of time which I was waiting and which none passed], he told me to "shut my mouth", "I should have waited longer" and to "jump off his bus". Not all Maltese bus drivers are like that, they are very often very nice to people, regardless of what people say. I am very tolerant and open-minded, but this one bus driver was very rude, arrogant and inappropriate.

No "surprise" post today. Sad face.

Is currently finishing a presentation I have to do tomorrow. I am probably going to stay up late. 
and tomorrow I have to wake up at 6.30am. The joy.

No beauty post today. Sorry. Will make it up to you guys tomorrow. 

Today's product love?.. ELF's studio cream liner in black :) I ordered this cream liner in coffee now .. yay :) 

Goodbye for today..
and as you snuggle with your pillow..
I'll be up working ;) haha xx

Bye guys, 
and Goodnight x

FTC Disclaimer: I am not paid to do this post, and every product mentioned was purchased with my own money :) All opinions held are my own :)


  1. Love the makeup in your picture! Good luck with everything!

  2. i know what you mean about the bus driver, i think they should teach them some manners, not give them a uniform for the new upcoming ''improved'' service :P

  3. hope your presentation goes well xxx

  4. how rude!!!! Hope that doesn't happen to you again... but you look gorgeous!!


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