ELF custom eyes regular line eyeshadows [review w/ swatches!!]

Hellooooooo xD

I have another review of an awesome product I have been using a lot lately..

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Soooo ..
I hauled about these over HERE
and.. I have been using them a lot ever since. :)

ELF custom eyes in sage, moondust and golden glow

ELF custom eyes in sage, moondust and golden glow

I would give this a 8/10 with regards to pigmentation,
it's just right.. 
as I don't like my eyeshadows to be overly pigmentated and I can apply a light wash of these products. 

ELF custom eyes in sage, moondust and golden glow

 Very blendable

 I would rate it another 8/10 with regard to texture.
Uhm.. it's quite powdery, and could be slightly more pressed,
because as soon as you touch it with a fluffy brush, it gets a loosens,
a little too much than expected.
I like the texture, a lot actually. But if it were more pressed that would be brilliant.

These, like all eyeshadows, require a primer.
They last a long while without a primer..
but a primer would help them last all day with minimal creasing and would make them look slightly more pigmented.
I use ELF's eyelid primer or mineral eyeshadow primer and last equally.
[I don't have oily lids though - refer to my ELF comparison post on ELF's eyeshadow primers over HERE]

ELF needs to add some matte shades on this line. Also, the colour range needs to be extended as this is a great product with great potential.

ELF custom eyes in sage, moondust and golden glow swatches

 Sage: A wearable green mossy kind of shade with subtle golden shimmer

Moondust: A taupe greyish brown shade with subtle silver shimmer

Golden Glow: A golden shade that leans on the yellow side with a lot of golden shimmer.

ELF custom eyes in sage, moondust and golden glow swatches

Sage: I love using this on my eyelid.. It goes really well with my brown eyes :) I use it with a fluffy not so dense all over the lid eyeshadow brush 
Moondust:  I love using this with my studio contour brush and smudge in on my upper and lower lid. I also love using this over a black base as a smokey eye for night outs. In that case, I use my ELF studio eyeshadow c brush to pack it on. Other blogs have claimed this is a dupe to MAC's satin taupe, but I don't have it.. so I can't tell. I personally don't think it is..

Golden Glow: I had high hopes for this shade.. I wanted to use this as an all over lid, but it is not "my" kind of shade for all over the lid. I love this as a transition shade on smokey eyes.. especially when I'm using moondust. I actually have a FOTD coming up using this.. so stay tuned for that.

ELF custom eyes in sage, moondust and golden glow swatches

The finish I would say is satiny/frosty ...
but I wouldn't say it is overly frosty :)
the shimmer is quite subtle..

FTC DISCLAIMER: I am not paid to do this review. I bought the product myself for my personal use and I am not affiliated with the company. Everything I said in this review is my genuine honest opinion :)


  1. I love these eyeshadows and i love how pigmented they are. I bought the custom palette for green eyes and i love it :)

    Love Christine ♥


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