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Anyway.. onto my MAY FAVOURITES!!

This is from my blog saul haul :))

So this month I have been loving:

NYC New York Color - Smooth Skin Bronzing Face Powder in Sunny 720
I definitely know what the gurus are raving about with this one. This blends effortlessly into the skin, It has a golden undertone, it's matte and it's BRILLIANT!!
will review it as soon as I can. But i know I'll be stocking up on this one xD

Wet n Wild Mega Last Lip Color in 900B Pink Suga'
Wet n Wild Mega Last Lip Color in 903B Just Peachy
I have been loving matte lips lately and these have fit the deal. Just Peachy is the most versatile pinky peach lipstick and Pink Sugar is a yellowy peachy nude.. which looks brilliant on medium skintones.
Will post swatches and review them as soon as I can :) 
You can check out my review of two other shades HERE

Manhattan Multi Effect Eyeshadow in #152 Beige
 This is a gorgeous champagne shimmery eyeshadow. perfect for all over the eyelid. I like to pair this with Wet n Wild's Single eyeshadow in brulee and NYX's single eyeshadow in dark brown. Which brings me to the next two products.

Wet n Wild's Brulee color icon single eyeshadow
This is an amazing creamy matte single eyeshadow. Perfect for all over the lid and to layer on. :))
Will review it as soon as I can :)

NYX dark brown on the left xD

NYX single eyeshadow in dark brown
I kind of rediscovered this shade ever since I depotted these eyeshadows.
Another post I still have to work on. 
This is brilliant in the crease area, it's easy to blend, it's matte and it's not overpowering. 

ELF cream liner in black
This is an AmAAAAZING product from ELF.
In fact I have featured this in quite a few favourites. 
This is smudgeproof, waterproof. 
Check out this post to see how well it works

NYX HD foundation
I cannot rave about this enough.
I love it, adore it and it's brilliant!!
Check out my review over HERE

NYX cream blushes
I have been loving these on the lips they're brilliant. 
Even as cream blushes, 
they really are brilliant!!

ELF studio mist and set
I love this product!! I almost finished a whole bottle. 
No, it does not work as well as model in a bottle, 
but it feels smoother on the skin,
more refreshing, 
and doesn't have the old lady perfume kind of smell to it like Model in a Bottle.

 I think that's it for favourites of this month!!
Thank you for reading my blog!!
yesterday I got a whooping 1, 119 views !!
That's awesome!!!

Thank you so much for your support :))

Lots of love


FTC DISCLAIMER: I am not paid to do this review. I bought the product myself for my personal use and I am not affiliated with any company. Everything I said in this review is my genuine honest opinion :)


  1. Wow thats great on the amount of views you got. I can see why you have a great blog. :)
    Where do you buy your nyx items from?? As I live in Ireland and would love to get some. THANX

  2. Oh I'm so thrilled to have that many views :D xx
    I buy nyx from ebay sellers.. but they also have their own sites.. my ebay sellers are joys cosmetics, porkdaisy, and angels beauty. But nyxcosmetics uk is the certified nyx seller. Be careful if you buy large orders.. and you order out of the eu you're gonna have to pay for customs :) x

  3. I get that sometimes, some random products leaving a scent of old lady perfume. Its a difficult scent to describe really!

    Congrats on all the views thats great! Oh and I like the third banner but perhaps the pink background should match the background of your blog? x

  4. haha. I know - "old lady perfume.." defines felce azzurra products too haha.

    Thank you so much for your thought sweety xx

  5. Love the post as always! I'm definitely curious about the ELF cream liner.


  6. I want to try NYX blushes and the HD Foundation! (*___*)

  7. I am really enjoying the 1st and 3rd banner!
    I never do monthly favorites(only seasonal favorites) but I am also loving the NYC Bronzing Powder! It gives such a nice buildable glow. I always wanted to try NYX cream blushes. I deffiently need to put those on my list for next Ulta trip

  8. You asked what eyeliner I use on my blog:
    It's the essence waterproof liquid liner,because it's jet black,ultra waterproof and it has a brush applicator which makes it easy to draw shapes and lines.

    Lovely favorites,I placed an ELF order a few days ago and it's your fault missy!(In a positive way of course)
    Have a brilliant day

  9. I've been umming and aah-ing about getting a whole load of things from elf but I ordered some blusher and eyeshadow from them ages ago and didn't like how sparkly everything was.... I'm glad you rate the liner, I'm gonna give it a go! (and about 50 other elf things now! lol).


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