I need to tell you guys something ...

I would like to say something to you guys,
I don't know I kind of “feel” you should know.
I have at times said that I don't earn money off my blog,
but it would be amazing if that happened.

Actually like a month and a half ago I was contacted by a company called P&J Apparel, 
and she asked me if I am willing to offer her advertising on my blog.
I literally took it as a compliment..
But I didn't know anything about pricing or how you actually advertise.
I contacted her back and the advertisement was up and running. 
I did get paid. 
Now the advertisement is down, because I was not contacted to renew the advertisement. 
I was also contacted by NYX cosmetics, a company who I really adore. 
Products are amazing and you all know how much I love their products. 
They have seen my reviews and wanted to gift me some products. 
I was thrilled!! I mean.. who doesn't love free stuff??..

I have been interested in filling up that affiliate program by Sigma for a while now, 
and I was not sure about being affiliated with a company... 
I am kind of scared..
that you guys would question my reviews or opinions. 
I have decided to become a Sigma Affiliate. 
Because I have learned that I can get a free product to review.. 
[as I said, I love free products- who doesn't??]
plus - I can host a giveaway!!!
Which is awesome!!
That means one of you guys will win something off of my blog !!
I cannot afford to have an awesome giveaway for you guys
as I am still a student..
so having a giveaway is awesome for me!!

I need you to know. 
I have edited the Blog Disclaimer since,

and I PROMISE you..
my reviews are going to be a 100% honest. 
I would not sabotage my reputation for free products..

As I said in my disclaimer, 
I accept free products, and advertising on my blog.
However, I do not accept to be paid for a review.
I will not become a fake version of myself reading a script, 
My mama taught me better than that ;)

Anyway. Another thing. 
I am not sure about this. 
But I believe FTC Disclaimer is NOT a must if I post here in Europe. 
I'm not sure. 

But I gladly do it in each and every post. I have nothing to hide. 
And I want you to feel reassured that what I'm saying is MY opinion as always and no compensation for my posts is to be done.. 
even if I get the product for free.

Anyway, what I wanted to tell you guys 
is that my commitment is always to you as my readers. 
Receiving free products is awesome .. 
Love free products..
But I would never sabotage the trust I have earned from you guys for cash. 
No way. 

Just wanted you guys to know that .. 
as I love these new opportunities that come my way..
but I am scared I would somehow lose your trust..
because that means a lot to me.

When someone tells me .. 
"Thank you for saving me some cash.."
or "Thank you for being so honest"
"Thank you I feel the exact same way now that I got it. "
That is what I write my reviews for.
To help someone out there. 
Like other bloggers help me out.

Take care guys.. 
and Thank you so much for supporting me..
Blogging to me is great.. 
and THANK YOU so so much for your feedback..

Take care sweeties <3 



  1. i'm so happy for you!

    this is a good start! and we really appreciate that you tell us about this! and thank you for being honest! :)

    i soo envy youuu! one day, ill get free products too :)

  2. Thank you so much Chiara :D :D
    You're so sweet xxxx

  3. I really do trust your opinions as I know you are being honest. Congratulations!

  4. awh thank you so much Charlene that means a lot to me :D xxxx

  5. I loved NYX until the whole 12 hour sale debacle on Sunday. Basically they were offering a lot of items at $1.20 but the site when down right when the sale started, and continued to stay down all day. I haven't heard of anyone actually being able to buy anything. The next day the site was miraculously working just fine and now all they're doing is offering people who email them a 50% off code, which is nothing compared to the $1.20 originally offered. It just really makes me upset that they are refusing to honor the original sale. To me it feels like a bait and switch scam. Anyway, I won't be buying any more NYX products. :(

  6. Whilst I understand your frustration, laceyinthesky, I would like to refrain from commenting on the nyx sale, as I cannot know what could have happened. But as a European customer who pays twice as your original price. Never having any sales or anything like that.. I will gladly pay that kind of money because I just adore their products. I understand your frustration though and I hope you will change your mind eventually as their product are really great. And I am speaking out of my own will, I obviously don't have anything to gain or lose by saying that. xx

  7. I trust your opinions! Being an affiliate can earn you a little bit but it has not change you because you are still you!

  8. Thank you so much sweety that is quite reassuring xx

  9. I love your blog and trust your opinion very much. Thank you so much for being so honest with us. :)

  10. Awh thank you so much :D xxx

  11. I know you will still be honest Dyna :) I am a Sigma affiliate myself and I have also been contacted by different brands such as Revlon, Nailene etc but you dont have to change your opinion just to please them! I always state that I will be 100% honest with the company's PR and if they don't like it it's their problem not mine ;) xxx

  12. Amen to that Lara :D xx Thank you so much sweety xx

  13. Do what you need / want to do honey, as long as you make it clear and are honest with your opinions then thats fine by me :)

    Must have been a total compliment on getting people contacting you like that though :D x

  14. awhhh i was literally overwhelmed ... :D:D
    Thank you so much hunny xx


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