VOTE for the banner of *Dyna's Random Blog!!

Hello guys :D

Just a quick note to tell you that you can vote for one of my 3 banners I just made for my blog. 

The one which gets more likes will be the one to be uploaded onto this blog :) 

You can vote on my facebook fan page HERE :)

But for your reference, 

Here are the three banners:





You can also click on them for a direct link to the photo :)) 
I hope you all participate and vote for the one you like most :))

They're all going to be smaller than the one I have now, 
because it's a bit too much for a banner I guess. 
So size-wise they're all equal :D 

Thank you so much for your endless support and feedback :D
a squishable virtual hug :)


  1. 1st fun is so sweet and nice! >_<

  2. My Vote goes to Banner 1 :)
    (but with a different background colour/font colour, I like colour/font style of banner 3 the most:)

  3. Oh that's interesting :)) Thanks :)

  4. The link doesn't work for me...
    I like banner no. 2 the most :-)


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