BEAUTY TIP !! 17/6/11

I'm trying to find a nice educated manner to say this. But you know what. Who cares? OK so it kind of bothers me how sometimes you have a dress and it just lays there because I don't have the most appropriate to go with it. So have you ever worn a bra under a dress which is not your favourite, but can't do otherwise because you can't have the straps showing? Your boobs look droopy, right? You know how you can make them look non droopy? Double sided tape baby. You need to practice though.. Because you can easily tape them wrong. And hunny, you don't want to look like one of your boobs is depressed. 


Hope you found this helpful, 
tata for today xx



  1. I always have sticky tape in my purse for that reason :D
    Hunney I totally laughed at the 'depressed boobs' expression *looool*

  2. hahaha what a great post. So funny ;)

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  3. Is that like the professional body tape they sell in pharmacies or like, just normal double sided tape? XD

  4. This post made me giggle =]
    Great tip <3

  5. LOL haha hilarious! I saw this somewhere on a magazine last week!

  6. hahaha I totally busted out laughing at depressed boobs! :)


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