ELF brightening eyeshadow color [review with swatches] 3 shades !!

ELF regular line brightening eye color in ethereal and drama

Hello guys!!!!

Today I have planned a review on these ELF brightening eyeshadow quads!!
I don't think these are THAT raved about so I decided to review them myself!

so here's my review!!

ELF brightening eyeshadow color in butternut
ELF brightening eyeshadow color in ethereal

ELF brightening eyeshadow color in drama


They are not as powdery as I thought they would have been, 
but yeah they are a little powdery, 
not the OMG you're going straight into the dumpster kind of powdery..
but the Oh the colours are so cute I don't mind kind of powdery
Did that just make any sense? 
Nevermind haha.

BUTTERNUT: yup. Not serious sugarpill kind of pigment, but these are quite pigmented :) I like 
ETHEREAL: Nope. This is one of the sheerer shades, but I love this all over my lid
DRAMA: yup. This is the most pigmented, least powdery out of my bunch. Amazing. A must have!!

ELF brightening eyeshadow color in butternut swatches

ELF brightening eyeshadow color in ethereal (top 4) and drama (bottom 4) swatches

ELF brightening eyeshadow color in ethereal (top 4) and drama (bottom 4) swatches

ELF brightening eyeshadow color in ethereal (top 4) and drama (bottom 4) swatches


a creamy light beige with gorgeous silver shimmer - very similar to Luminance [ELF]
a peachy nude all over the lid shade with gorgeous silver shimmer
a medium golden brown with a ton of subtle gold shimmer
a dark purple brown with some sheen to it 

A sheer creamy white with white shimmer
a peachy nude all over the lid shade with gorgeous gold shimmer 
a sheer frosty light pink shade
a sheer frosty taupe brown grey shade

A seriously pigmented matte white
A dark grey with a ton of silver glitter - similar to NYX cryptonite - but slightly lighter.
A pigmented matte black with a satinfinish
A very light grey with silver glitter

This is quite small, 
quite cheap looking,
but that's OK. 
I dropped it a couple of times, and it didn't smash. 

Well, since it's powdery, you are going to get a weeny bit of fallout. 
But it's just a bit, at least on me :)

On a primer, 
they last pretty good. I would say .. 
6-8 hours. That's good right? xD

This is one awesome product from ELF. 
If you're a high end eyeshadow fan..
you probably won't be impressed. 
But if you're looking to experiment with some shades for super cheap. 
This might be the right product for you :)

That's it for today, 
thank you so much for reading my post, 
and I hope you found it helpful :)
Don't forget to leave your questions or comments below ;) xxx

FTC DISCLAIMER: I am not paid to do this post. I bought the product myself for my personal use unless otherwise stated and I am not affiliated with any company. Everything I said in this review is my genuine honest opinion :)


  1. ethereal looks so pretty in the pan but i guess
    looks can be decieving because its not very pigmented D: i only own drama its perfect for a smokey eye ;3
    also love your blog its nice to find a blogger from the same country as me ^^ x

  2. I just love drama, it's one of my favorite quads ever!

    Lovely review! ^.^


  3. I just got the drama quad as a gift so I'm super happy to see you give it good reviews!

  4. I like these, so inexpensive and works well!:D

    ***** Marie *****


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