ELF TOP 5 brushes!!

Hello guys !!
This is my last post for today because I have got to head to study mode haha.
So this post is going to be about my TOP 5 favourite ELF brushes :)

Studio Powder Brush
I adore this brush, literally. Nothing replaces it for foundation. It does absorb a little foundation but makes your face look flawless and buffs in your foundation brilliantly. I'd rather waste a little product than look like I've splashed foundation on.

Studio face kabuki
I adore this to set my whole face with powder. It's uber soft, super cute, 
and has been doing the job since summer. 

Studio contour brush
I adore this little bundle of joy. I love to use it as a pencil brush because of the tapered top, 
it's quite stiff and dense so you're able to apply quite a few product. 

Regular blending brush
I adoooore this. This is surprisingly soft, and blends in my crease colour amazingly. 

Studio blush brush
I love to use this brush for highlight. The tapered top makes it so easy to apply.
You can easily use this for brush if you have small cheeks like me, but I found that this works best as a highlighter tool.

So.. what are your TOP 5 ELF brushes? 

and just because, a lot of people ask me all the time, I am NOT paid by ELF to do these posts or reviews or whatever. That is why I write the disclaimer on every post which features a product from a company for you to read it ;) but NO, I am not affiliated with ELF.

FTC DISCLAIMER: I am not paid to do this post. I bought the product myself for my personal use unless otherwise stated and I am not affiliated with any company. Everything I said in this review is my genuine honest opinion :)


  1. I love all there brushes, I haven't been disappointed yet! I really really love the stipple brush, I use it for foundation and works great.

  2. I really like their brushes too. For the price the quality is great. I really love my powder brush too! Great post!

  3. Great post!!

    My five elf brushes are:

    1. Stippling brush...this brush works wonders when putting on liquid foundation. It gives you a flawless finish!

    2. Total face brush: I love this brush for putting on pressed poweder

    3 Eyeshadow brush: For a $1...you can't get any better than that!

    4. Lip brush- Very soft and easy application

    5. Blush brush: its the perfect shape for applying blush to the cheecks

    Check out my blog! Im a blog newbie. http://cherrieamore.com

    -Cherrie <3

  4. great post!

    love your brush holder :)

  5. Cute brush holder! Also, I've heard a lot of good things about ELF's studio brushes. Great post!

  6. ELF's studios... stipple brush, flat top powder blush, kabuki face brush, blush brush (SO pleasantly surprised by this brush)

    and from their normal line, ELF's eyelash and brow wand (use for my brows- best ever).

  7. I love the Studio powder brush too - I have two of them so I have a backup when one's being washed! Also love the Studio kabuki, stipple brush (though it's a little floppy, it's great for pigmented blushes), and the eyeshadow and blending eye brushes from the standard line.

    Great review! :-)


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