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Today I planned this interview for you with Rebecca Carr whose facebook fan page you can check out HERE

So here's the interview!!

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What got you started in modelling?

"I started modeling when I was 4 years old in Korea of all places! :) My dad was in the military so modeling was an easy way to meet other kids my age, as I was constantly moving. Some of you may know what I mean... transfering to a new school just sucks! But, ever since I started I have just loved modeling! "

What inspires you most in modelling?

"My fiance! We met in 9th grade and we highschool sweethearts; photography and modeling was the first thing we bonded over. We would spend all day just taking pictures together, he made me feel comfortable and taught me a lot about modeling."

Who is your favorite designer?

"My favorite designer would have to be Marc Jacobs. I love the designs of his purses!! & If you know anything about me you know I <3 purses!

How would you describe the modelling business in terms of your experiences so far?

"I have learned that you get the furthest through self-promotion. I have tried numerous agencies, but I have found that they all expect a lot of money up front and you aren't guarenteed to get booked. Although I signed up for a modelmayhem account and I already have 10 gigs that I have been request for, each paying no less than $1000 for 2 hrs!!! I would recommend this site! It is user friendly, easy to navigate, easy to start, and the best part there is a separate casting section where you can search a field (photographer, MUA, hair stylist, ect) and a location. This has been the best tool in terms of promotion, and again its all something I had to do myself. If you are a good self-promoter becoming a model is easy!
What are your suggestions for people who would like to get started in modelling?
Aim High! Anyone can become a model, its not about if you have "a certain look". The secret to modeling is confidence, if you have that, you are already on the road to becoming a model.

Start small, just ask some friends to take pictures everyday and practice poses and experiment with different ideas. Compose a list of things you would like to do, or search yahoo for modeling portfolios and copy them into a Word Doc. (This is actually something I do quite frequently and recommend) By studying other models work, you see begin to learn a variety of poses and styles! Also, create a modelmayhem account once you have more professionally looking pictures. - DO NOT pay for these unless you can't find a photographer willing to do them for free! Most photographers will comply with requests as long as you promise business at a later date.

Other than that, you need to be really outgoing and willing to try new things. I am very good at glamour and fashion and less comfortable with edgy/punk style. Which is something I need to work on, so try to do a variety of styles in order to better prepare yourself.

Lastly, most models are not stuck-up; if you ask them for advce they will help you out.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at"


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