SIGMA F80 BRUSH!! [[ review w/photos!! ]]



I finally am doing the review about a product quite a few of you were interested in!!
So we're talking about the SIGMA makeup Flat Top Synthetic kabuki F80!

This is how this brush is described on the Sigma site:

"Introducing the Synthetic brush line for high definition, flawless makeup application. The brushes in this collection feature exclusive Synthetic filament, specially designed to apply powder and liquid products without absorption into the fibers. The shape, density and height of the filaments were carefully engineered to perfectly buff products onto the skin, resulting in a high definition effect.  

F80 - Flat Top Kabuki
The F80 Flat Top Kabuki brush is perfect for applying and blending liquid, cream, and powder products onto the skin. The flat surface allows perfect buffing with flawless results. Synthetic Sigmax HD filament."
So what do I think about this brush??
Synthetic Bristles. Very soft. Real dense. White bristles stain easily [as expected]. No shedding. The brush was brilliantly packaged. Arrived in perfect condition. The diameter is smaller than the ELF powder brush, it fits my small cheeks perfectly. Because it's so dense, it took ages to dry, but it was quite easy to wash.


Very sleek looking. The ferrule is aluminum, and the actual handle seems to be wooden. 


[1] To apply highlight: 
It works "ok". It's not my favourite brush to apply highlight, I much prefer ELF's studio blush brush for that, but this applies it quite well.

[2] To apply foundation:
Now I know a lot of people like this for foundation. It works quite good. But it didn't impress me THAT much with regard to foundation. I much prefer the ELF studio powder brush for foundation. For three reasons. 
A- easier to blend 
B- faster application
C- this applies your foundation really full coverage [which in a way makes you use a little less product]. But I don't need that much coverage, so I don't tend to like it
D- I use a darker shade of foundation - I know, I know - I shouldn't - but when I use the Sigma brush, it applies it a little patchy and chalky. The ELF powder brush applies it a whole lot smoother. 
The Sigma Brush is more professional looking, and ELF's powder brush does not regain it's original position during application like the Sigma brush. But I somehow like ELF's studio powder brush much more. I used this with my NYX HD foundation [REVIEW HERE]

[3] To apply tinted moisturiser:
I quite like this with my tinted moisturiser, since tinted moisturisers tend to be sheer, this tends to apply it a little more full coverage, and I quite like that. I used this with my ELF tinted moisturiser [REVIEW HERE]

[4] To apply cream blush:
This works AMAZINGLY with cream blushes. No matter how pigmented they are, this thing is going to blend your cream blush into the smoothest most natural finish. It doesn't mess my foundation. Makes it look very natural, Builds up the product brilliantly. I use very pigmented cream blushed by NYX [REVIEW HERE]

[4] To apply powder blush:
I love love LOVE this for blush!!! This is what I mostly use it for!!!.. If the blush is real pigmented it can be applied sheer. If the blush is on the sheerer side you can quite easily build it up without making it look powdery.  Builds up your blush really beautifully and it fits my small cheeks perfectly :) I used it with my NYX powder blushes [REVIEW HERE] , NYX HD grinding blushes and ELF's custom face natural radiance blusher in glow, SLEEK ltd edition powder blush in Pan Tao from the Avoir la Peche collection, MAC mineralize skinfinish in stereo rose.. It works with all of my powder blushes. AND it's AMAZING!!

[5] To apply face powder:
Applies setting powder really well, full coverage, especially with compact foundations!! It requires a little more time than sweeping all over setting powder with my ELF studio face kabuki brush. I quite like it to apply setting powder, but I much prefer it with my blush xD I think I might use it more in summer when I tend to use more pressed powders. I used  this with my Maxfactor facefinity compact foundation SPF15 in #03 natural [[REVIEW HERE]] and with the ELF studio pressed powder in caramel.
[6] To blend concealer:
 It blends concealer like a dream!!.. The dense bristles really make it effortless to blend your under eye cream concealer without tugging and stretching your delicate under eye area. I used this in a combination with my ELF all over cover sticks [[REVIEW HERE]]

BOTTOM LINE: I mostly use this with my blushes, both cream and powder. and I ADORE IT.

Overall rating: 5/5 !!!

If you're interested in this brush, stay tuned, because I'm having a GIVEAWAY for one of these babies, which is going to be sponsored by Sigma, as part of the Sigma Affiliate Program!! 
and it's coming up just after this post WOAHH!!!

FTC DISCLAIMER: I am not paid to do this post. I got the product free for review purposes as part of the Sigma Affiliate program. Everything I said in this post is my genuine honest opinion :) Pinky swear*


  1. Thanks for the review, I was particularly interested in how it compared to ELF's studio brush xx

  2. AMEN to your honest and thorough review. You are a saviour! Haha. :)


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