Wet n Wild Mega Last Lip Color [review with hand and lip swatches!!] #2


I just finished my exams today after 21 days of pure exam and assignment torture.
I had 8 exams and 6 assignments and I couldn't be any happier that I've finished once and for all.

Wet n Wild Pink Suga and Just Peachy

Ok sooo..
this post is all about the
Wet n Wild Mega Last Lip Color [review with hand and lip swatches!!] in shades:
900B Pink Suga'
903B Just Peachy
I already have another post on two
Wet n Wild Mega Last Lip Color in shades :
Mauve Outta Here 907C
Bare it All 902C
and you can check that post HERE
I'm actually going to have another post and merge the four lipsticks together so that you can see them and compare them. 
But I'm thinking about getting 2 more shades because I'm loving the look of 
Coral-ine and Rosebud, 
so I think I'll order them off ebay =D

ever since Ariana of She Walks in Beauty raved about the Wet n Wild lipstick HERE
I just HAD to get my hands on these lippies. 
And knowing the determined little lippie-craving freak, 
I actually did.
Wet n Wild Just Peachy and  Pink Suga
Wet n Wild Just Peachy and  Pink Suga
Wet n Wild Just Peachy and  Pink Suga
 I don't like the cap of the product - it makes it cheap looking.
If the cap were black it would give it a sleek look. 
Also, the names of these products are only written on the plastic thing it comes with them. 
Then there's just a code. 
Also, it is quite easy to catch the product against the cap since there is a part which doesn't scroll down. 
Given that the cap is transparent it makes it a little yucky everytime you catch product against the cap.
Also, I had a problem with the Just Peachy one [and even with the Mauve it Over one], it just got loosened from the rest and the lipstick went literally against the cap.

Wet n Wild Just Peachy and  Pink Suga
Wet n Wild Just Peachy and  Pink Suga

Semi- matte finish
No shimmer
No frost
A little drying because it's matte
Very pigmented
One swipe of product and you get the desirable shade. 
Not hard to transfer on your lips
You get quite a lot of product :)

 A little more than your average concealer lipstick 
-[ I don't get why I wrote concealer the first time around lol]
I would say 3-4 hours.
These actually last longer than that on me.
These last like 4-6 hours depending whether I ate, drank, bit my lip and whatever. 
Wet n Wild  Pink Suga - the lip swatch doesn't do this product justice.

Wet n Wild  Just Peachy - the lip swatch doesn't do this product justice.

Wet n Wild Mega Last Lip Color 900B Pink Suga':
 A super nude shade, almost concealer-like, with a peachy gorgeous tint to it. This would be suitable for warm skintones. It has some orange undertones to it. LOVE THIS. I wear this on its own, with glosses on top, with other lipsticks. It's GORGEOUS. P.S there is nothing pink about it. And sugar reminds me of frost. But this is shimmerless and frostless.

Wet n Wild Mega Last Lip Color 903B Just Peachy:
A nudish, almost neon, corally pinky peach which would look gorgeous on warm skintones :))
I wear this on its own most of the time, but I also like to pair this with Sleek's Pout Polish limited shade in Sugar May for a super gorgeous peachy lip. This is my favourite out of the 4 I have. Again, no shimmer, no frost.

I hate that these only get the names on the plastic seal,
and only numbers on the bottom.
I like names not numbers,
I can't even remember them.
I can barely remember my mum's phone number. haha.

Definitely worth the try,
They can easily be dupes of higher end products :)
The packaging can be better, but the product itself is amazing if you like matte lipsticks!

FTC DISCLAIMER: I am not paid to do this post. I bought the products myself for my personal use unless stated otherwise and I am not affiliated with any company. Everything I said in this post is my genuine honest opinion :)


  1. Hello Dyna!
    (I already entered your giveaway)
    I love wet n wild stuff, unfortunately Here in Italy it's not sold anymore ;(

  2. hey ey again :)

    i entered your giveaway :)

    here too it's not sold,

    i think that ust peachy looks like elf party pink.

    is it?>

  3. Passo per un saluto e per invitarti a partecipare ad un carinissimo e "prezioso" giveaway per festeggiare l'arrivo ufficiale dell'estate!!!
    Trovi il regolamento e le info qui!
    Sei la benvenuta!

  4. yeah, for some reason, wet n wild got phased out in singapore too! =(


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