ELF regular line / essentials liquid eyeliner in black !!

Hello gorgeous ones!!

Today's review is going to be all about 
ELF regular line / essentials liquid eyeliner in black

 I don't really like the packaging.
I usually like my liquid liners in a big tube and a smaller wand.
It's not bad,
and it doesn't really bother me,
but it's not my cup of tea.

 The tip is quite stiff,
and I quite like how sturdy it is,
but I think it is not the most appropriate wand to go with this product
It's a sponge, so I quite like that,
I prefer sponges to brushes
as I find them easier to control

Quite runny,
Slow drying,
a little sheer in intensity

Not so good.
It lasts 3-4 hours as it is, then it starts fading
and tearing
and what not.

It doesn't really smudge,
but it definitely is not smudge proof,
in the sense that
if you rub the product it WILL fade quite easily.

it's waterproof.
Unless you decide to gently rub it while wet.
But since the product already comes off while dry with smudging.
This didn't surprise me.

It's quite an intense shade of black,
but it's a little too sheer for my liking.
And it's not buildable because you might end up dragging the product around
as you're reapplying.
Glossy finish. Don't like that. 

Quite pigmented,
I think there is just too much water in the formula.

I found it quite hard to apply my liner with this.
It was hard to even the eyes out and took ages.

I don't like glossy finishes,
I think they look too fake.

I'd skip on this if I were you and stock up on ELF's cream liner in black.

FTC DISCLAIMER: I am not paid to do this post. I bought the products myself for my personal use unless stated otherwise and I am not affiliated with any company. Everything I said in this post is my genuine honest opinion :)


  1. I was thinking of buying this. Thank you for the review. I think I will pass on it. Thanks girl! XX

  2. Yeah I agree with you Dyna.The eyeliner is not very great and not very handy.It fades too quick

  3. true, this didnt work for me too, even my china Kimono Girl Eyeliner works better.

  4. Thanks for the honest review. Now I know I shouldnt buy this.


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