A month ago I was just starting my exams and thank god, I'm now free!!
Sorry I haven't done this post before, 
but I literally couldn't find the time. 

So here we go!!

NYC bronzer in sunny.
I love love love this as a bronzer. It's a shame NYC is not availabl in Europe but I managed to get my hands on this online and it's super uber worth it! It wins over ELF's bronzers and NYX blush in taupe anytime! Perfect for summer, warms up my face, buildable, and fool proof.


Wet n Wild mega last lip colour in Just Peachy and Pink Suga
I love these wet n wild lipsticks!!!.. These two shades work amazingly with my skintone, Just Peachy is a peachy pink perfect for summer, and Pink Suga' is the awesomest nude peachy lip ever!!!

NYX soft matte lip cream in Antwerp
I have been experimenting with these NYX soft matte lip creams, and I'm not sure how I feel about them, I need to experiment some more, but this one in Antwerp is amazing, it's the most perfect pin up rosy coral shade.


Sleek pout polish in Sugar May
I love love this pout polish. It works amazingly as a peachy gloss. It's not super pigmented, but it looks gorgeously natural, and it looks amazing.


Sleek blush in Pan Tao
I have been loving blushes lately, and this one is definitely #1!! It's an amazing peachy coral blush. Love it.

NYX powder blush in desert rose
I have 5 more NYX blushes, and actually, this one is defective because it won't open properly. The others all open effortlessly. I love this blush though, it gives me an amazing rosy cheek which I was looking for when I bought NYX's powder blush in angel

NYX grinding blush in english rose
I love these grinding blushes. They literally melt into my skin, but I still have to experiment some more with them. This one shade english rose gives me a perfect sheer barbie pink blush kind of ordeal which I love.

NYX mosaic powder blush in love.
Gosh this is amazing. It gives an amazing coral flush to my cheek and blends effortlessly. I have been using it quite a lot.

ELF studio cream liner in black
I ADORE this. This has been featured in my favourites since forever. And it totally deserves it. At work, everyone keeps saying how my liner stays put all day with no retouching or anything. And this is the only thing I really use.

ELF studio cream liner in coffee
I don't quite like it as a liner, I like my liner pitch black, so this doesn't fit my bill. I originally got this to use it on my brows because Beauty by Charlie used it in a couple of FOTDs and I loved it on her. I quite like it actually, especially for a night out. But it requires more effort in blending than the ELF eyebrow kit. I have been wearing smokey eyes quite a lot lately. I find it super easy to do, and I love using this as a base. I have not, however, found the perfect brush to apply this with. Which is why I ordered some ELF brushes with their 50% off. But that's another story .. or post. haha.

ELF wet gloss lash and brow
Oh lord. I have been using this every single day to set my brows. It's amazing. I finished one tube. I'm on my second, and bought a third with the 50% ELF code. 

Manhattan Multi Effects eyeshadow in beige 152
I love this champagne frosty / shimmery eyeshadow. It looks gorgeous all over the lid and I'm super pleased with it.

Wet n Wild Icon Single Eyeshadow in brulee
I have been using this every single day since I got it. Everyone was raving about it but when I got it I was kind of "meh" about it. But now I love to use it as a base colour. I wouldn't use it on it's own though it's too light for me to use all over.

NYX single eyeshadow in dark brown
I have been really really loving this in the crease. It's matte, it's brown and it's my perfect crease shade.
Max factor facefinity compact foundation spf 15 in natural.
I hit pan on this, and have grown to love it actually. I've been loving pressed powders for summer. So this fit the deal amazingly. I will not repurchase for one massive reason. Max Factor is NOT cruelty free. And I am desperately trying to refrain from supporting companies who are not cruelty free.

ELF mineral eyeshadow primer.
I repurchased this in the 50% off sale. And I'm definitely very pleased about this. It hold my eyeshadows all day, and pops them without harming my delicate eye area.


ELF luminance healthy glow bronzing powder
I adore this so much, I hit pan and immediately repurchased in the 50% off deal. I love this as a highlight and I also use it on my under eye area to brighten my eyelid. I wish there was a shimmerless option but that's ok, because the shimmer isn't that obvious anyway, and it kind of smoothes the under eye area with the shimmer. It has a yellow tone to it so it cancels any purple tones that my evil dark circles have.


ELF studio mist and set spray
I just adore this. I'd choose this over my Model in a bottle anytime. For two main reasons. It feels great and natural on my skin, unlike the stickiness of the Model in a bottle setting spray. And also - I hate the old lady perfume smell of the Model in a bottle setting spray. This one faintly smells like tap water to me. I finished my first, I'm on my second bottle and repurchased a third with the 50% off.


ELF studio pressed powder
I have this in caramel and even though it's not an exact match, I love the texture so I kind of work with it to blend in my skin. I bought the buff one and almond in the 50% off. But I really want to get the porcelain one for my under eye area. And I also want to get sand to see which works better as an under eye shade for me. They were, however, out of stock so I couldn't get them.

ELF eyebrow kit in medium.
I love this and how versatile it is. You can apply it sheer. You can really get in there and define your brows really well, and you can also use the powder side on its own.  

That concludes my favourites for this month !!
Thanks for reading, 
and hopefully you found this helpful, 

Goodbye for now, and don't forget to leave your lovely comments below, 
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  1. Great favorites! I'm glad you like the ELF cream liner in black. For some reason it doesn't seem to work on me. =( It smudges easily.


  2. great post :) i am going to have to try the elf setting spray...i love mac fix but im sure the elf costs a lot less.


  3. love elf :)

    is that eyebrow stuff in medium, dark enough?

  4. Passo per un saluto e per invitarti a partecipare ad un carinissimo e "prezioso" giveaway per festeggiare l'arrivo ufficiale dell'estate!!!
    Trovi il regolamento e le info qui!
    Sei la benvenuta!

  5. @Chiara, yes it is for me hun :)) xx


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