NYC ultra last lip wear lipsticks [[mini review w/ swatches!!]]

Hello guys!!
I hauled about these lipsticks over HERE
I never got around to wearing them on my lips or anything, 
because I hate frosty / shimmery finishes.
And these are quite frosty / shimmery. 
I have, however swatched them, 
and I'd like to tell you what I think about them. 

Pretty sleek looking. 
Lipstick extends the tube when closed, 
so you have to be careful when closing them. 
Overall look - 
pretty cheap looking, I'm afraid - 
even the lipstick itself, 
it looks like some toy-lipstick rather than an actual one.

NYC ultra last lip wear lipsticks top to bottom: 412B mauve gold, 407B smooch

Quite smooth, and I don't believe it has a gritty glitter texture or anything

The two I got:
NYC ultra last lip wear in 407B smooch - quite pigmented, but on the sheer side
NYC ultra last lip wear in 412B mauve gold - more sheer than smooch

NYC ultra last lip wear lipsticks 412B mauve gold, 407B smooch

NYC ultra last lip wear in 407B smooch - a rosy fuchsia shade with silver shimmer
NYC ultra last lip wear in 412B mauve gold - a sheer muted nude brown with gold glitter / shimmer.

NYC ultra last lip wear lipsticks 412B mauve gold, 407B smooch

I personally gave this away, as I personally don't like the shades.
I have like 30 lipsticks, and I'd choose them over these anytime.
If the shades happened to it my liking, yes, I would have kept them and used them.

FTC DISCLAIMER: I am not paid to do this post. I bought the products myself for my personal use unless otherwise stated and I am not affiliated with the blog sale. Everything I said in this post is my genuine honest opinion :)


  1. i think they're REALLY frosty!

  2. where do you but nyc? ebay? thanks :D

  3. Wow I love them they are nice. :)

  4. Beautiful colors!


  5. haha.. @Chiara .. I've seen frostier lipsticks, but they're still frosty I wouldn't wear them haha x ..

    @Janina I got these off a blog sale, but I'm planning to repurchase NYC bronzer in sunny and that's gonna be off ebay xD

  6. ahah. okay :)

    i don't like frosty. they don't suit my shade :o

  7. i have this lipstick too, but only in a different colour~~~but they are really good soo pigmented, my only concern with them is that they are too frosty for everyday wear~~


  8. I dont like frosty finishes eithier. What I do is depot the lipstick and add vaseline to make a lip balm/lip tint. Also, wear a matte lipstick with a tiny bit of the frost. That way you dont your product.

  9. Its really nice post. I love the NYC Lipsticks shades.


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