NYX mosaic blush in love [review w/ swatches!!]

Hello guys!!

I don't know if you remember THIS post where I showed what the lovely NYX staff sent to me, 
one of the items they sent was the mosaic blush in love. 

I had my eye on this..
but I refrained from buying it for some reason. 

I am SO glad I got this though. I have been using this almost everyday these past two weeks. 

This is a must have coral blush, dare I say, 
the four shades together have the perfect amount of shimmer, 
and blendability. 
As a fan of coral/ peach blushes - 
this is one of my ultimate favourites

The shades vary from peach toned corals to orange toned to brown-coral. 
The shades mixed together produce a gorgeous orange- based coral shade with subtle gold shimmer. 
This is definitely one of my favourite all time blushes. 

Less powdery than the NYX powder blushes 
but equally pigmented. 
Very smooth

Very blendable, 
I apply this with my Sigma F80 flat top brush. 

Very sleek, 
round and cute



A little more than the NYX powder blushes, 
I would say it lasts 5-6 hours.

Just the perfect pigmentation I like in my blush. 
Highly buildable too.

I adore this. I definitely recommend this shade to all coral/ orange/ peach blush lovers. 
I think this looks better on tanned skin. 
Other than that, the mosaic blush in general is seriously gorgeous.

FTC Disclaimer: This product was sent to me by NYX cosmetics (US) as a thank you for my previous posts about their products. I did not pay for the product.  I am not obliged to review their products, even the ones I received for free. Everything I said in this post is my personal opinion. I am not being paid to do this post and my sole aim is to share with you my experience with a certain product.


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