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Nail Swatch!! No7 Vivid Violet Nail Polish!!

Hello guys!!

I have a nail swatch today, of a product I wouldn't say I'm a h—uuuu--ge fan of. Not the product, the shade. I'm loving matte shimmerless shades on my nails.. Well, not really matte. Just shimmerless, frostless, and metalicless. Yup that ought to do it.

HAUL!! Vixoden cosmetics eyeshadows !!

I am sooooo glad I found THIS facebook fan page called Kim's Creations,  she is seriously THE BEST at what she does.
Her cosmetics are called Vixoden's Cosmetics and you can check out her facebook fan page HERE

Manhattan Multi Effects Eyeshadow in #152 Beige [review w/ swatches!!]

Hello agaiiiinn :D
I have another review today :D
It's on the multi effects eyeshadow by Manhattan in the shade #152 Beige
I got this off a blog sale and I was not that excited to try it out to be honest,  I just figured what the hell and got it. 
I'm glad I did. 

PACKAGING Quite sleek,  but annoyingly enough doesn't open thoroughly  and that kind of bothers me,  but I learned to work around it. 

REVIEW!! ELF studio make up removing cleansing clothes

Hello guys!!
I have another ELF review for you today. 
I need to update those hits, misses and meh posts about ELF products,  as I got sooo many more ELF products,  but I have another ELF package coming so I might wait for that package to arrive first. 
I know how much you love these ELF reviews,  so i try so hard to realllyyyy test them out rather than just  trying it out once or twice and do a review.  I try to be thorough and short  so I don't bore you out.  And I'm going to start the review right away. 


Helloooo beautiful people of the netttt :D :D 
I have an awesome haul today,  I'm very excited to share, actually.. I got these a while ago  but I never had the chance to haul and stuff.  But now I do. 
and here's what I got:

DUPE ALERT #13 !!! MAC stereo rose vs NYX menage a trois !!

HELLO GUYS!!! I am sooooo excited to share this information with you,  so I'm going to cut to the chase. 
MAC mineralize skin finish in stereo rose is one limited edition shade  often referred to as a "must-have" item, a "favourite", a "Holy Grail" product and what not. 

Make Up Look!! Glittered Green Smokey eye & a nude peach lip !!

HELLO GUYS!! - again
I have a look I pulled together months ago,  and I always postponed it for some unknown random weird reason. 
I really really like this kind of look,  in fact,  I'm going to get me some single eyeshadows specifically for green smokey eyes.  I'm thinking NYX single eyeshadow in mermaid green, NYX  single eyeshadow in hunter green or Wet n Wild single eyeshadow in envy.  So if you have any of those eyeshadows, I'd love to know whether you find them good or not. =] Pretty please ^.^

Collective EBAY Accessories Haul !!

Hello guys!!
I have a collective haul post for you today :D 
I have been really keen on hair accessories, accessories and all that,  so I decided to wait and do a  collective post on what I got :) 

So here are the photos: 

NYX Mega Shine Lip Gloss in Smokey look [review w swatches!!!]


I have been meaning to do a single review on this one product since forever..

So here it goes :))

Mega Shine Lip Gloss in Smokey look is one of my ultimate most favourite gloss of all time.  [I'm not much of a gloss girl though.]

DUPE ALERT #13 !!! WnW Just Peachy & ELF party pink !!

Hello guys!!
In today 's post I'll be comparing the following lipsticks:
Wet n Wild Mega Last Lip Color in Just Peachy 903B  and  ELF mineral lipstick in party pink

Customising your own palette and depotting - my experience #

Hellooo =]
You know how I share the good experiences and pass them on to you.  Well, I have a bad one I want to share with you. 
Making my self made customisable palette.  Beauty's Bad Habit brilliantly explained how to make your own customisable palette. I followed all the instructions correctly, and so far so good. The problem was that the eyeshadows kept moving around, even though I glued a magnetic sticker to the bottom.  The palette became too messy for my liking overtime,  and I ended up ruining quite a few eyeshadows because they kept running around and even some blushes.

MASSIVE ELF 50% HAUL!!!!!! #2 .... £80 worth!!

HELLOOOOOOO!!!! YES!!! Another ELF haul ladies and gentssssssssss
erm.  I think it's mostly ladies, right?  Nevermind. 
Here's what I got, and my initial impressions...

Drum roll pleaseee ..  or..  maybe not.  haha. 

Mineral eyeshadow set in Basic Browns
This would be an awesome present for a friend.  The eyeshadows are very pigmented, like my other mineral eyeshadows.  The shades are not necessarily unique hard to find shades, and they're all metallic / shimmery shades.  There is no matte eyeshadow in this set, which I think there should be. But I'm not complaining.  The eyeshadow brush is slightly bigger than the regular elf eyeshadow brush.  The contouring brush is a thinner version of the blending brush and is more tapered at the top.  The eyeliner tip came broken. It's brown. I am not a huge fan of the liner to be honest.

ELF studio line cream eyeshadow in bronzed
This is bigger than the cream eyeliner. If I'm not mistaken, it looks almost equal to the studio lip conditioners…

Make up Collection#2 : blush collection - #peaches, oranges, corals

I am so thrilled to have all the time in the world to blog again,  because I enjoy sharing information and posts  with ladies who share the same interests :D 
and here's another collection post featuring my peach/coral/orange blushes. I LOVE these orangey shades,  and I DO have some I favour over others xD
So let me start mumbling xD

NYX powder blush in cinnamon This was my first powder orange blush, and I used to love it,  until I depotted it,  and basically - messed it up.  This is on the yellow side,  but it is seriously gorgeous,  and awesomely pigmented. 

NYX mosaic blush in love*  I have been using this blush almost every single day this summer,  it is the most gorgeous blush ever.  I think it's safe to say it's my favourite.  I like to mix the shades together,  but you can try picking the individual shades.  It has a nice lovely shimmer to it,   when mixed together.

SLEEK blush in pan tao One seriously gorgeous orange peachy matte blush.  My second favourite. Just lov…

NYX rouge cream blushes on lips - lip swatches and review !!!

I have another post today woohoo!!

Someone asked me on my review for this product whether it can be used for lips or not,  and I said yes, but I wasn't sure - because I never tried it out.  Guess what?  I did -  Multiple times,  and I love it!!

I find it has awesome pigmentation, awesome texture, it is quite similar to the nyx round lipsticks, and the only bummer is that you have to apply it with your fingers,  otherwise -  it's AWESOME.

and I have some swatches to prove!!!
I would describe the shades as follows: HOT PINK: The hottest, brightest, barbie poppied pink I own!! - Love it ORANGE: A true warm orange. Gorgeous!!

and here are the swatches!!


I actually love these more as lipsticks than cream blushes, believe it or not.  :)
Thank you so much for your support,  and I love to hear what you have to say :) Have your ever tried them on your lips? 
Thanks, Dyna  xxxx :D

FTC DISCLAIMER: I am not paid to do this post. I bought the products m…

HOW TO ..Glam up your daytime look for your awesome night!

Hello guys!!
I have been meaning to post this one for ages,  but I always postponed it.  So here it goes :))
I was unsure on what to name this post,  so here were all the titles I came up with:
2FOTDs. Same Day. 2 Different looks. Little time. How to plan ahead for your night.
How to change your look working on your daytime look.
FOTD: Day to night.
I'm gonna stick to the one I actually wrote. :)
Basically,  this is how I planned ahead for my night and glammed up my make up look for a party night out,  working on my daytime look :)

Here's what I used for my DAYTIME LOOK:


ELF mineral face primer
NYX HD foundation in HDF#07 warm sand
ELF all over cover stick in apricot beige, honey
ELF studio concealer pencil and brush in medium
NYX cream blush in orange
NYX powder blush in cinnamon
ELF studio cool bronzer
ELF studio mist and set

ELF mineral eyeshadow primer
ELF brightening eye colour in ethereal – peachy shade.
Revlon Colorstay steel impressions eyeshadow quad. - …