Customising your own palette and depotting - my experience #

Hellooo =]

You know how I share the good experiences and pass them on to you. 
Well, I have a bad one I want to share with you. 

Making my self made customisable palette. 
Beauty's Bad Habit brilliantly explained how to make your own customisable palette.
I followed all the instructions correctly, and so far so good. The problem was that the eyeshadows kept moving around, even though I glued a magnetic sticker to the bottom. 
The palette became too messy for my liking overtime, 
and I ended up ruining quite a few eyeshadows because they kept running around and even some blushes.

Depotting my NYX blushes.
Two broke. 
Cinnamon, and Peach. 
Two of my ultimate favourites, that is :/ 
I pressed them back, but eventually.. 
both got loosened again :(

Pressing loose eyeshadows.
I pressed ELF's mineral eyeshadows in innocent and angelic.
Innocent - pressed brilliantly but eventually broke.
Angelic - wouldn't press at all even though I tried it like 5 times.

Hence.. if you're interested in depotting your singles and making your own palette.. 
Bear in mind ... 
that you might end up ruining your favourite eyeshadows.. 
So I would suggest start practicing first before your uin any of your favourites. 

Just saying. 

It might also work for you and save you some space. 
I, on the other hand, prefer my singles taking up place in my make up storage. 
At least they're still whole. 
Till now. 

Here are some photos of my freshly done palette.. 
which is now disgustingly done. 





I don't mean to be rude or anything, 
if it works for you that's brilliant, 
but there's a possibility that it might not, 
I never encountered anyone saying that, 
so now I know better. 

A little advise from the queen of depotting stupidly.

Thank you for reading guys, 
feel free to share your depotting experiences below, 
or your thoughts about it. 

Take care

FTC DISCLAIMER: I am not paid to do this post. I bought the products myself for my personal use unless stated otherwise and I am not affiliated with any company. Everything I said in this post is my genuine honest opinion :)


  1. If they break up when depotting you can fix them with a drop or two of surgical spirit :) Klaire did a great how to:

    I still havent tried properly, just half heartedly!

  2. I've never tried de-potting.. I've seen YT videos teaching yo how.. but to me, they look kind of ugly out of their packaging? Idk, I'm like you I suppose, I like mine to take up space.. gives me reason to HOPEFULLY not buy more XD

  3. I've depotted most of my sigle eyeshadows :)
    I use pretty strong magnets, though so they won't slide around.. For the palette I use Mac 15 eyeshadow palettes and take out the separators :) To stick the metal down I just use double sided tape! Works awesome, and they're jsut the right size!


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