DUPE ALERT #13 !!! MAC stereo rose vs NYX menage a trois !!

I am sooooo excited to share this information with you, 
so I'm going to cut to the chase. 

MAC mineralize skin finish in stereo rose is one limited edition shade 
often referred to as a "must-have" item, a "favourite", a "Holy Grail" product and what not. 

But .. as I said .. 
it's discontinued. 
So unless you can get yourself a back up from a friend or someone you know.. 
or risk getting a fake one off ebay.. 
and pay a ridiculously high price for it. 

I have an alternative for you!!...

NYX grinding blush in menage a trois is VERYYYYY similar to MAC's stereo rose.
In fact:
the shade is very very similar. 

there are some differences between the two. 
MAC's stereo rose is pressed. 
NYX's grinding blush in menage a trois is in grinding form. 
MAC's stereo rose is more bulky, and holds more product. 

MAC's stereo rose is baked .. NYX's menage a trois is fried. 
HAHA. Just kidding. I just HAD to say that.
No - really MAC's is a "slowly" baked product.

The packaging is clearly different. 

The finish is different. 
MAC's - is more of a frosty finish
NYX's - glitter kind of finish

Shade is quite different too. 
NYX's - more coral than pink
MAC's - has more pink than NYX's 

MAC's - is more silvery
NYX's - more golden.

Anyway .. I can HONESTLY say that I prefer NYX's grinding blush in menage a trois over MAC's stereo rose, 
even though I love both. 
I love my corally blushes though, so that is why I prefer this NYX one over the MAC one. 

You can check out my review on the NYX grinding blushes HERE
and my review on MAC's mineralise skin finish HERE
Hope this helped guys !!
And let me know what you think :D 

Thanks for reading, 
and take care !! 

Dyna xxx

FTC Disclaimer: The NYX grinding blush was sent to me by NYX cosmetics (US) as a thank you for my previous posts about their products. I did not pay for the product.  I am not obliged to review their products, even the ones I received for free. Everything I said in this post is my personal opinion. I am not being paid to do this post and my sole aim is to share with you my experience with a certain product. MAC's stereo rose was sent to me as a giveaway win by a giveaway held by a beauty blogger. I am not affiliated with either parties.


  1. wow :D thank you for posting :) i'd still go for mac i think the finish looks more natural


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