Make up Collection#2 : blush collection - #peaches, oranges, corals


I am so thrilled to have all the time in the world to blog again, 
because I enjoy sharing information and posts 
with ladies who share the same interests :D 

and here's another collection post featuring my peach/coral/orange blushes.
I LOVE these orangey shades, 
and I DO have some I favour over others xD

So let me start mumbling xD

TOP: NYX blush in cinnamon, NYX mosaic blush in love;  BOTTOM: Sleek Blush in Pan Tao, NYX rouge cream blush in orange

NYX powder blush in cinnamon
This was my first powder orange blush, and I used to love it, 
until I depotted it, 
and basically - messed it up. 
This is on the yellow side, 
but it is seriously gorgeous, 
and awesomely pigmented. 

NYX mosaic blush in love*
 I have been using this blush almost every single day this summer, 
it is the most gorgeous blush ever. 
I think it's safe to say it's my favourite. 
I like to mix the shades together, 
but you can try picking the individual shades. 
It has a nice lovely shimmer to it, 
 when mixed together.

SLEEK blush in pan tao
One seriously gorgeous orange peachy matte blush. 
My second favourite.
Just lovely. 
Packaging's so quite and blendability is amazing.


NYX rouge cream blush in orange
This is my first ever orange blush -
which started my craze on orange blushes. 
I don't really like cream blushes, 
they're quite hard to work with
compared to the powder ones, 
which in turn are quicker to use. 
I love to use this on my lips as a lipstick though, 
you can check a lip swatch of this over HERE
 This is a true orange shade and the orangest of these orange blushes. 
Pigmentation's awesome.

 you're waiting for swatches right??

Sleek Pan Tao, NYX cinnamon, NYX love, NYX orange

Sleek Pan Tao, NYX cinnamon, NYX love, NYX orange

SLEEK Pan Tao, NYX cinnamon,  NYX orange

Sleek Pan Tao, NYX cinnamon, NYX orange

That's it for today, 
hope you found it helpful :D 

Thanks for reading and take care xxx


* This product was sent to me by NYX cosmetics (US) as a thank you for my previous posts about their products. I did not pay for the product.  I am not obliged to review their products, even the ones I received for free. Everything I said in this post is my personal opinion. I am not being paid to do this post and my sole aim is to share with you my experience with a certain product.

FTC DISCLAIMER: I am not paid to do this post. I bought the products myself for my personal use unless stated otherwise and I am not affiliated with any company. Everything I said in this post is my genuine honest opinion :)


  1. These look so pretty :) Im a little scared off the Sleek blushes because they all look so bright haha :)

    Love Christine ♥


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