MASSIVE ELF 50% HAUL!!!!!! #2 .... £80 worth!!

Another ELF haul ladies and gentssssssssss

I think it's mostly ladies, right? 

Here's what I got, and my initial impressions...

Drum roll pleaseee .. 
maybe not. 


Mineral eyeshadow set in Basic Browns

This would be an awesome present for a friend. 
The eyeshadows are very pigmented, like my other mineral eyeshadows. 
The shades are not necessarily unique hard to find shades, and they're all metallic / shimmery shades. 
There is no matte eyeshadow in this set, which I think there should be.
But I'm not complaining. 
The eyeshadow brush is slightly bigger than the regular elf eyeshadow brush. 
The contouring brush is a thinner version of the blending brush and is more tapered at the top. 
The eyeliner tip came broken. It's brown. I am not a huge fan of the liner to be honest.

ELF studio line cream eyeshadow in bronzed

This is bigger than the cream eyeliner. If I'm not mistaken, it looks almost equal to the studio lip conditioners but it actually holds up 2.5g of product more.I love the texture. It's creaseless and gorgeous as a shade. 

ELF regular smudge eye sponge
Haven't tried this yet, but looks pretty standard, 
and quite stiff. 

ELF studio tinted moisturiser in beige
I tried this today, it has yellow undertones. I thought it would be a shade darker but that's ok. 
It blends to the skin effortlessly, and I quite like it. 
The packaging's cute. 


 ELF's studio flawless finish foundation spf15 in buff
I swatched this once but I haven't tried it out. 
I adore the packaging, 
the pump and everything. 


ELF's eyebrow treat and tame in medium
Haven't tried this yet, but I love the rubber packaging and 
it looks quite sleek. 

ELF healthy glow bronzing powder in luminance
A second backup to my all time favourite highlight. 

ELF studio matte lip color in coral 
I love this!!! The packaging's kind of wobbly, but my oh my the shade's gorgeous. 
It's very similar to Wet n Wild s Mega Last Lip Color in Just Peachy, 
which happens to be one of my top 5 favourite all time lip products. 

ELF nail polish in teal 
I love this shade!! I expected it to be more of a turquoise shade, 
but it's honestly more a gorgeous green summer shade. 
 It's quite pigmented too, 2 coats is all you need. 
Love this!

ELF nail polish in mint cream
Haven't tried it yet, 
This is a  much whiter version of teal to me.
But again - still have to try it

ELF studio make up mist and set
I love this so much I got myself a fourth bottle, that is, 
a second back up xD This is my 3rd repurchase. 

ELF mineral foundation in warm 
I tried this out today, it's yellow toned but it's quite light on my summer kind of tanned skin, 
I think this would be perfect for winter. 

ELF eyelid primer collection
I tried the champagne and pearl ones today and I was not impressed to be honest, 
I much prefer the regular eyelid primer and the mineral eyeshadow primer. 
These two applied streaky, and they are not very pigmented either. 
Maybe I need to get used to a rather different texture, 
I do like the cardboard packaging and the mac-gloss-like packaging :)

2 ELF black cream eyeliners
I LOVE this. I am still on my first one and I'm half way through. 
I got my first at the end of August, 
I didn't really like it back then, but now I use it every single day. 
I got two, one for a friend, and one as a backup. 

ELF studio line concealer in ivory
I love the packaging, but I HATE the product so far. 
This swatches streaky, 
it does not transfer to my under eye area at all. 
and the product is soooo NOT blendable, 
it starts to yucky-crumble up once you start blending it. 
Tried it on without a primer, 
with a primer. 
No difference. 
Will try it a few more times, 
if I still won't like it, I'll try to make something out of the packaging, 
because I really liked it. 

ELF Therapeutic conditioning balm in strawberry creme
I wanted to try the four of these to be able to make a full on review on them, 
because I couldn't find one collective one on the net. 
I didn't really like this one - the texture is the same as the others [that I love]
but the smell is nothing special, quite faint too. 
I'll stick to my 10 blackberry cremes xD 
I'm not going to throw it away though or anything , 
I still like the texture. 

ELF studio pressed powder in buff
A back up. This is my favourite pressed powder so far. 
I still love the mineral booster in tinted, 
but I prefer pressed powders to loose ones. 
I hit pan on my first xD
ELF mineral lip liner in peachy 
I LOVE this!!!!! I am soooooo getting me a couple of backups of this one.
Love this all over the lip, it's not drying, super long lasting, 
and the shade is uh-mazing..........!!!

ELF studio conditioning lip balm spf15
in peaceful pink
I got this one after Holly Ann Aeree raved about it in one of her videos. 
I also have mellow melon and nice and natural which I got in ELF's other 50% off sale. 
I like the shade, but I'm favouring mellow melon as I'm loving coral shades this summer. 
Happy buyer. 

ELF studio line mineral infused face primer
I love this thing, 
before I didn't, 
but now I do - 
I'm running out and got myself a backup xD

Anyway - 
that's it for this post xD
Thanks for reading , 
and take care xxx

FTC DISCLAIMER: I am not paid to do this post. I bought the products myself for my personal use unless stated otherwise and I am not affiliated with any company. Everything I said in this post is my genuine honest opinion :)


  1. Nice haul! I l0ve mellow melon too :) It's such a lovely shade!

  2. WOW! lol I can't wait to buy more stuff from ELF x

  3. NICE! I can't wait to receive my ELF haul!

  4. I usually find elf to be a hit or miss, but their polish is AMAZING! The color you picked so pretty! I'm jealous that you like your cream eyeliner, I didn't like mine, and i think I bought duds. But I do love ELF brushes, aren't they just the best?


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