NYX black label lipstick [review with lip and hand swatches!!!] in nude & india!!!


I seriously can't wait for summer to be over - 
Now don't get me wrong . 
I LOVE and ADORE summer, 
but I have been working A LOT this summer. 
Let me put it this way, 
I live at a beach house right? -
and no, I'm not filthy rich - 
haha - if only :P - 
Anyway .
I live at a beach house and I only swam twice this summer. 
I have not had a day off for a month straight now, 
and my mind's going crazy haha. 

So I decided to blog a little, 
I'm so so sorry I have been slacking off, 
I have so many awesome posts planned, but I just don't have the time to do anything, 
so here it goes. 

NYX black label lipstick

I love NYX round lipsticks, 
but I always wanted to try the NYX black label lipsticks, too. 
I never found them on ebay, 
so when NYX cosmetics US sent them to me, 
BOY was I happy to try them out. 
and here's what I think.

NYX black label lipstick in india, nude

Creamy, moisturising, 
non sticky, 
can be sheered out

NYX black label lipstick in india, nude

Quite pigmented, 
can be sheered out, 
two swipes will definitely give you the shade desired. 

I wouldn't say it's highly buildable, 
as it may get a little bleedy and yucky looking with a lot of product on.
But then again, you only need a little product everytime to get the intensity of shade desired.

Really sleek and lovely. 
Expensive looking, 
the shade shows at the bottom, 
and it also comes in cute cardboard packaging
The shade name is stated clearly on the cam 
and cap tightens securely.
Just right.

2-3 hours tops. 

Creamy, glossyish finish

A nice sweet smelling fruity smell.

NYX black label lipstick in india, nude

 The shade in the tube of the two that I own swatch differently than the shade in the tube - 
that is, the actual lipstick. 
And the shade at the bottom of the lipstick is equal to the actual lipstick, 
if you base your decision on the shade at the bottom of the tube, 
you might be disappointed because it swatches way different. 
Weird huh?

The shades in the tube / bottom of packaging look like this to me:
BLL 174 NUDE: a gorgeous peachy nude with warm undertones
BLL 109 INDIA: a medium shimmerless pinky coral
The shades swatched, HOWEVER, look like this to me:
BLL 174 NUDE: a nude lipstick with strong peachy pinky whitish undertones.
BLL 109 INDIA: A bright poppy barbie pink nude with slight coral undertones

NYX black label lipstick in india lip swatch

NYX black label lipstick in nude

and this is what I mean when I say the shade of the lipstick swatched is different from that seen in the tube. This is India.

Pigmentation - some round lipsticks are more pigmented than the black label ones.
Packaging - black label's packaging much sleeker, practical and expensive looking. 
Smell - I like the black label lipstick smell  much more
Shades - NYX round lipsticks colour in the tube is accurate to colour swatched, unlike the black label one

I really really like these lipsticks, 
they are really lovely. 
I thought they're going to be great for summer before I got them, 
I actually think they're gonna be fabulous for winter.. 
I haven't been wearing them a lot as I'm loving the matte lip look lately. 
And these are more of a cream finish. 

I would have preferred the shades swatched to be like those shown in the packaging, 
but the real swatched shades are quite unique, and I really like them.
I DO recommend these.

FTC Disclaimer: This product was sent to me by NYX cosmetics (US) as a thank you for my previous posts about their products. I did not pay for the product.  I am not obliged to review their products, even the ones I received for free. Everything I said in this post is my personal opinion. I am not being paid to do this post and my sole aim is to share with you my experience with a certain product.


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