BARRY M lip paint in peach #054 [review w/ swatches!!]

 Hello gorgeous ones :]

I have been meaning to do this review in such a long time.. 
and I seriously LOVE this product..
I read a few reviews about this product..
and a some of the reviewers said they don't know how to wear this shade. 
Which is when I come to the picture.
But I'll let you know about the actual product first..

The one on the left

This is the sleekest most gorgeous packaging ever. 
It's super simple
but small and cute at the same time, 
and it's mostly  matte, it's black and rubbery.

It's a semi-matte to matte texture. 
I personally LOVE matte lips, 
but I know some people hate it. 
It is not moisturising,
as expected, 
but it is not drying either. 
At least not on my lips

Yes, this is seriously pigmented as a lipstick. 
Love that. 

MM.. Well.. you can tap it on your lips for a slight tint 
and you can swipe it all over for a full effect. 
so in that sense, it's quite buildable
I would only coat it once on my lips though.. 
because of the matte texture it will end up all chalky looking..
and besides.. it would look heavy on the lips

Because of the matte texture, 
it's quite long lasting actually..
I would say 5-6 without drinking or eating.
But by this time.. 
it's going to look a little chalky on the lips..


 The one on the left

Oh lord. 
Like nothing I ever saw before.
First of all, this is matte, 
with no shimmer and no frost. 
If you tap it quite gently on the lips..
you're going to get a peachy looking lip with orange undertones. 
if you apply it like I normally do.. 
all over..

you're going to get a vibrant peachy orange shade 
and it's loud !!
my friend was like woahh! when she first saw me wearing it. 
It's definitely a shade for the daring, 
like, uhm. myself. 

I am wearing it in the following photos:

Semi-Matte on application and it dries to a matte finish.

No detectable smell

I LOVE this Barry M lip paint. 
It truly is a gorgeous gorgeous shade..
Not for the conservative though..
and I would leave it for your party night outs..
unless you gently pat it on. 
Do I recommend? Heck yes!!
But, on another note -
people who don't like truly vibrant shades..
or people with a cooler complexion, 
or non-matte lipstick lovers..
I don't think you'd be a fan.
But I AM.

Thanks for reading guys,
I am opting for better improved reviews lately,
including how the product looks like on :)
So I hope you like that xx


 FTC DISCLAIMER: I am not paid to do this post. I bought the products myself for my personal use and I am not affiliated with the company. I will not gain in any way through future purposes made. Everything I said in this post is my genuine honest opinion :)


  1. Oh! I love that color on you. You really match w/ it. =D

  2. Thank you so much hun :D I love it so I tend to wear it quite often on night outs :D

  3. I never look at Barry M makeup I always just go for the nail paints. This looks great though and looks so pretty on you. I don’ love matte shades but I’ll need to check this out for the colour. Great review x

  4. i love this colour! it looks amazing on you :) x

  5. Love this colour and peach tones really suit you!


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