BEAUTY TIP !! 2/9/11

I haven't done a beauty tip post since forever.. 
but I know how much you like beauty tips and stuff like that, 
so I'll definitely try to post some more of them. 

I know most of you people might know this. 
But I just want to let it out there haha.. 
because sometimes.. I swatch high end products at the stores.. 
and my reaction's like.. 
I would NEVER pay €48 on THAT!!

I could get so much better stuff for so much cheaper. 
I sometimes see FOTDs.. 
and all that.. 
and just because you use high end products doesn't mean your make up's going to look flawless. 
You have to still WORK at it. 
Just because you use a good product.. doesn't mean it's going to actually look good. 

It's not the price tag of your make up, and sometimes.. not even the quality. The application of your make up plays a good 75% on how you look. Invest in some brushes, you don't have to break your bank. ELF has some awesome brushes. That's an AWESOME AWESOME start. 
 Goodbye for now guys :)
and let me know what you think :D



  1. this is what i am exactly doing! :)

    p.s . i love ELF BRUSHES! (studio) LOVE THEM!

  2. Thanks a lot for sharing the amazing beauty tips.


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