BEAUTY TIP !! 9/9/11


I just love tips..
and every now and then ..
when something pops up in my head 
I just try to post it..
it doesn't hurt to say it
even if someone already knows it
or it doesn't work for someone..

but it just might help someone out there. 

I have heard gurus and bloggers say that you can't go beyond your natural lipline.. 
just because it looks bad or something.
Well, here's my take on that...


Who said you can't go beyond your natural lip line?? .. You just can't go beyond all over. To make your lips look fuller without looking fake.. or drag queen-like [no offence].. you can go beyond the “M” on your cupid bow.. and on the lower lip just underneath the cupid's bow. And your lips will suddenly look all pouty without looking like you just childishly slapped lipstick all over your lip. When I say go beyond.. we're talking just a little bit. No one wants to look like a clown. Haha. I use this with lipstick, lipliner or gloss.. so any product would work. Glosses might be a bit too runny though.
I do this all the time so you can check out any FOTDs or any lip swatches and 
see if you find it looking weird..
try it out for yourselves..
it might just work for you too.
Thanks for reading guys and I hope you founf this helpful,
let me know what you think about lining beyond your natural lipline. 
 and remember I adoreee you guys :D 

Lots of Love from sunny Malta ..



  1. Oh you're very right girl! I agree with you.


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